To be confident is to speak our truth unapologetically. By drawing on our inner strength deep within us, we can and will be brave in our own skin. Our solar plexus, a chakra located in our upper abdomen, is the source of confidence in our body. In this short, but powerful meditation, Jason has us partake in a diaphragmatic breathing exercise. Settling into my seat, I focused on an anchor to the Now, my breath. As I sensed the air flowing in and out of my body, my mind began to feel spacious. I took a deep breath into my belly while visualizing my diaphragm moving upwards. During this brief moment, I sensed a yellow glow radiating from my solar plexus. As my belly fell, I felt my diaphragm expand at the same time. This created a relaxing sensation throughout my body. I continued this deep breathing for a few rounds while listening to Jason. Yes, I Am the only one that can breathe deeply. Therefore, I Am the only one that can increase my confidence! I Am Empowered! Thank you, Jason! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️🍀