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Good Luck Bad Luck

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This is a traditional story from China. It is the story of an old Chinese farmer who lived many years ago.
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Good things, bad things—
—both occur. Things with negative connotations are not fully bad; they have some positive aspects. Similarly fully “good” things can have unexpected consequences. Take advantage of opportunities and openings as they come, regardless of situational connotation.
Its important to remember that we never know how things will play out and that the big picture is never 100% in sight, so we have to act accordingly.
Today I learned that I might have a fighting chance and pull through this horrible nightmare!
Is it Bad Luck
...or something more. Even tho we go through trying times, there is always something good that comes of it.
Wise old man?
I don’t think so. His attitude seems to be “shit happens”, which is most often an inappropriate response to give to someone who is showing concern. I didn’t like this story. 😧👺
Good luck or Bad luck
I felted an urgent reminder to continue with the same confidence in Faith & Hope an acknowledge any good and bad situations with a Thank You and keep it moving in Love and appreciate the growth of Life Journey!
Good luck bad luck
The old man in this story really was a wise old man! I can recall several bad luck stories in my life that turned out to be good luck and some good luck times that I later wished hadn’t come along. I wasn’t as wise as the old man. Now that I’m an old woman, this story will be in my mind the next time I have luck and maybe I’ll be wiser!
Good luck bad luck
I must take with me... who knows? We can not control events, we can only control how we react to them. Keep moving forward and your path will appear.
I started a new job a couple weeks ago. I have been so stressed out and overthinking every minor detail that I keep messing up. This story has helped me relax.
Butterfly struggling going out of coon
Without struggles I cannot grow so my struggles make me stronger in my weaknesses I’m stronger because Jesus got me
To hold too long
I learned that if u hold on too a glass of water for a long time it would begin to feel heavy so heavy I may drop it and to compare that to stress I learned that if I keep holding in this lite stupid stuff I stress over then one day it will be too much and too heavy I may drop it all and just fall down. So I need to just put down that glass of water and live a little.
Learn to love your Dandilions
This story prongs up such an important point. We spend too much time resisting changes to our grand plan in life, when we could get along with life so much easier by cooperating. Learn to work with people/situations/things rather than resist and exhaust yourself. There’s so much stress, anxiety, and energy wasted on resisting something when you may as well learn to work with it. The easiest thing to change in the world is yourself, not your surroundings!
Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ascribing good or bad fortune more power in our lives than they deserve can lead us to keep relying on or looking for them, rather than just accepting circumstances as the father did in the story. It’s too easy to scapegoat the circumstances, and wallow in that. Rather, accept and get on with the living! I've had to learn that in my life the hard would get too depressing otherwise!
good luck, bad luck, who knows?
everything, happens for a reason. what seems to be bad luck, may just as much be good luck.
Who knows?
Yet another wonderful story about perspective. Searching for the possibility of positive or negative, sometimes you miss just having the experience.
Good Story
This story reminds me that even after a bad event happens there is always something goofs that comes.
Good luck bad luck
Life is unpredictable and full of surprises, nothing happens because of good or bad luck.
Walter J
It would seem that every event that happens has equal amounts of good & bad. That means events are neutral, they just Are. Every obstacle has an opportunity just as every opportunity has an obstacle. As observers we tend to label events based on our conditioning. But it is all relative and that is why we should be careful judging and labeling events & people. Why not Choose to look for the best in people, events & situations? Sure beats looking for the worst possible outcome... and finding it! Plus remember: Where Focus goes, Energy flows!! I personally tend to look for what is Good and Lucky in everything. Which is another reason they call me The Luckiest Man Alive! ❤️👉🏼🍀
This is my favorite story in this app. It has such a simple wonderful premise. Who knows?
Lucky Me
What a motivational piece! I felt as if I should try and be more observant of good luck and bad luck in a given situation.
I need to follow what I preach. I am aware of what this story teaches but I often find myself getting upset or anxious anyway. I sometimes feel that other people think that I just don’t care when I actually realize that things just happen. I guess that is what causes some of my anxiousness.
Good Luck Bad Luck
I was so relaxed, I ended up taking a cat nap! Reason why only a cat nap is that I listened to it at supper time. Which is fine by me. I needed it!
Luck has no positive or negative
What a lovely story to explain the idea that we need not look upon events as lucky or unlucky, good or bad, they simply just happen as events and it is up to us to chose to get on with things without dwelling or getting too excited. That something that we may label bad luck could very well be the catalyst to bring about something we then would label as good luck and vice versa. I would say though that personally if I could do better to adopt this outlook on all things, and I do try where “bad luck” situations arise, that I am likely to struggle more to not be excited by good fortune. I know that “luck” has nothing to do with it and that the universe has put this situation in my path for a reason and who knows what it will lead to; however I will enjoy things as they happen. Perhaps I am missing the point on that part. I’m not sure.
Difficult times
This was an excellent reminder that seemingly negative events don’t have to end negatively. With all that’s going on in the world, i was furloughed. What i thought would be awful turned out to be exactly what i needed to rediscover joy and productivity in my life. This story couldn’t have come at a better time.
In the story, what was first perceived as good luck turned out to be bad luck. Similarly, what was first perceived as bad luck turned out to be good luck. This story demonstrates the law of relativity, which states that nothing is good or bad, just relative. Thus, when we find ourselves blessed with good luck, we shouldn’t be overjoyed. In the same manner, when we find ourselves down on our luck, we shouldn’t be disappointed. By being indifferent, we can learn to live a equanimous life.
I no longer enjoy anything with Chinese origins
When I see the word China, even in a meditation app, anger & sadness rise up in me because their filthy bio warfare disease has taken so many innocent lives and ruined the simple joy we all once enjoyed freely every day.