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Golden Morning Meditation

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Leah Hester
Yoga Teacher & Meditation Guide
There is a light within each and every one of us. Sometimes, this light becomes dim by factors outside of us. This meditation was created to guide YOU to shine your inner golden light. Enjoy this relaxing journey through your body, into your heart space, and beyond. You are a being of golden light.
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On top of the world
I finally realized something I’ve been missing for years. Realizing that all roads lead back to my two sons was always the road I needed to be on. Finally seeming them together in the same place being brothers this weekend was amazing. Then meditation on this Monday morning, I released the need to be hard on myself and realized that golden light is always shining. My negative thought patterns and choices dimmed that light. Thank you for this reminder today. The light in me see the light in you
Golden Light
As I sit here, it's early morning and very quiet. The sun is lightly coming in through the blinds. As I follow the guidance, I visualize a golden light that begins at my toes. The gentle voice, and calming music all work together to create a beautiful sense of my being. Of warmth and calm. I am fully in the present moment. I drift along, with no thoughts. Just a nourishing golden light. It is part of me. I feel gratitude for all living beings as I allow my light to shine forth upon them. I know this is where I need to be. Right now. As the meditation comes to an end, I am told that I am golden light. I feel clear, cleansed, and renewed. This was beautiful.
Golden light
Thank you for this meditation Leah. This was so powerful for me to feel my golden light emanating from within. All I ever want to be is a light for myself and share it with everyone i can. So much gratitude for being alive and healthy right now. Im so grateful to be.
I feel optimistic and confident about todays organized chaos 💜