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Go Easy On Yourself

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Michelle's Sanctuary
Sleep Consultant & Storyteller
Brief morning meditation to start your day with self-compassion and love. By surrendering judgment and being accepting of all that you can do, this meditation will help you focus on the positive and become aware of your thoughts throughout the day. With awareness of thought, you can consciously decide to be more loving to yourself. Because you deserve it!
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4 reflections
Go easy on yourself today
Very relaxing and peaceful thoughts. I like the notion of setting the tone for your day before the day’s event set them for you.
Go easy on myself
Turn my self talk into my cheering section. Atta girl! Relax
Go Easy on yourself
Listen to my positive self talk. Be positive and soothing to me.
Walter J
Great idea to go easy on ourselves and cut ourselves some slack. Instead of being our harshest critic, why not be our biggest Cheerleader? It will make a world of difference- allowing yourself to mess up & not get beat up for it. Talk to yourself as your loving best friend would - great idea! Thanks for the suggestions! 🙏🏼📣🍀
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