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Giving & Receiving Kindness

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Beautiful quality that we all deserve to experience. We often miss to appreciate ourselves and acknowledge others. You will learn to receive and give kindness.
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Recognizing, too, your own kindness.
Her suggestion to also recognize your own random acts of kindness in the moment really resonated with me... It is equally as important as acknowledging others’ acts of kindness to you. I’ve been striving to be more mindful in my daily life, and I feel that this approach will really me with that. <3 Learning mindfulness can be a challenge!
Appreciative Feeling
We are a part of nature, not apart from nature. Realizing this, we find that we are also a part of the harmonious interaction of the giving and receiving between all of nature. In this beautiful meditation, we recall a time in which we gave to someone. Through this acknowledgment, we receive the appreciative feeling of giving. Recalling a time that I did a simple act of kindness for someone, I was brought back to a few hours earlier while I was on my morning walk with my fur kids. The road was wet from a fresh rain and thunderstorm event. While walking, I saw something black in the middle of the road. Getting closer, I realized it was a lid from a garbage can. Looking over at one of my neighbor’s yards, I realized it was from one of his cans. So, I picked it up and placed it next to his can. I didn’t think much about it and went on my merry way. On my way back, I saw that neighbor walking. I explained what I had done and he said thank you with a smile. I replied, you’re welcome. After talking about the rain event we just had among other things, we said our well wishes and goodbyes. Again, I didn’t think much about what I had done. That is, until I listened to this meditation. While listening to Nitima’s beautiful words, I realized the importance of acknowledging myself for the kindness I had done. In doing so, light began to enter the top of my head and filter down until my entire being was glowing. Feeling joyful by receiving this light, I pledged to myself that I will continue to put the Law of Giving and Receiving into effect. May everyone have a wonderful day! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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