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Get Unstuck

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Feeling stuck can paralyze us. Always feeling and know something must change but unsure of what or even where to start. Make a start here to get unstuck.
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Being unstuck from your past
I felt a sense of release from this meditation, I appreciated the focus on letting go of past hurts. Holding onto and reliving these experiences can trap you and this was gentle encouragement to let those things go. Thank you.
Getting unstuck from the past
This meditation told the story of my life. For so many years I’ve felt so much regret over my career choice and now feel stuck in something I can’t change because I feel too old to make the change. But the past is the past. Those choices made sense at the time under the circumstances. I have to choose to let go of regret and forgive myself to embrace a new perspective. Life is good now. I need to stop imagining that ideal that I get disappointed about because it didn’t happen. I need to start living NOW.
Unsure, stuck, sad with no reason, scared of the future
I can let go of past hurt. It will take more than one time of listening but I think I can.
Forgiveness to be free
Forgiving ourselves of any past allows us to create the space to fully embrace the present moment.
Love this one! Time to live in the present and not the past
Her voice is so calming and she makes so much sense! Love her meditations
Gentle. Encouraging. Empowering. Calm. Helpful to me right now. Thank you.