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Gallbladder Meridian Meditation

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Bryoni Lawrence
Mindfulness Coach
In this meditation, we perform a body scan, following the Gallbladder Meridian pathway as taught by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Gallbladder is a Yang pathway and is related to the Spring season, the emotions of determination and frustration, and the wood element. In TCM, the Gallbladder pathway is in charge of distributing Qi throughout the body. It's a great pathway to work on if you suffer from temporal headaches, jaw pain, the tension in the upper traps, tension in ribs, IBS, constipation, sciatica, tight IT band, or ankle problems.
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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, the gallbladder is considered the decision maker, the organ who has the courage to act. Along with its pair, the liver, the gallbladder is associated with the season of springtime and the element of wood. In this meditation, we follow the gallbladder meridian or energy pathway in our body and then close by saying a beautiful mantra for all beings. Sitting with my spine and neck elongated, I emptied my belly of any leftover air so I could take in a breath of fresh air into my belly. After shaping my breath for a few rounds, I allowed it to go back to its normal rhythm. Following the narrator’s guidance, I put my focus at the beginning of the gallbladder meridian, on the sides of my eyes. Traveling along this energy pathway, I went through various places in my body until it ended in my 4th toe. Fascinated, I retraced this pathway in my mind a few times more. With chi or life force energy flowing throughout my body, I repeated the narrator’s mantra. I am so grateful for learning the gallbladder meridian, for having this opportunity to blossom into spring! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Gall Bladder
I learned that this meridian could be a pathway to physical knee pain as well as mental anguish. I feel hopeful and will continue to learn more.