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Friends for Ever - Earth Worm

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story about how we are all stuck in comfort zone. We want to help our dear ones but if they also have to be ready to receive. Enjoy :)
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Walter J
Unless someone has their hand up looking for help, you have no business trying to help them. It is a waste of time and effort on your part, even if you mean well. This story reminded me of an old saying, “Never try to teach a pig to sing... It just irritates the pig and frustrates you!” ❤️🤔🍀
Worm-napped 🐛
I have heard this story before, in fact one of the other practitioners on Aura has the same story about a dung beetle. Nitima offers a different twist on the story however. She reminds us that not only do some of our friends and acquaintances prefer not to be worm-napped, she challenges the listener to consider if we truly want to change or if like the worm, we are more comfortable in our pile of dung.
You can’t force change.
Thank you, Debb for suggesting this story to me after I posted a question regarding the negativity of others around me. It truly reiterated the fact that I cannot force others to change or seek help if they are unwilling to change. So rather than letting this drag me down or play on my anxiety, I just need to let it go. Next time this bothers me, I will keep this story in mind and just let it go 🍃
Some people do get stuck in their own story. As much as we want to help someone, this story teaches us that some people are truly content where they are even if we see something better for them. I used to have a couple of friends that every time I would talk with them it was the same drama over and over again which left me feeling drained after each encounter. So I decided for my own well being that it was time to let these friendships go.
Bugger off!
Loved listening to the lady say that Made me roar with laughter
Change can be scary
I recently had a chance to achieve a a success from change that I looked for in my job. It has been intense and nothing like I initially expected. This is all to the good however. :). Often getting out of the rut we are stuck in can be worth it. 😜
Earth Worm
Do you really want to change or are you comfortable in your mess? Often the mess is too comfortable to leave. The mess becomes our identity. Remember that change is hard but so worth it
Letting go of the comfort zone
I learned that pain and burdens can become so familiar that we can prevent ourselves from moving to something better. Letting go involves being desirous of change so be clear that you really want to change.
Friends Forever
That is me... Afraid of change. I am in my comfort zone but worry that if I try a new job that it will be worse... so I look for the good in what I have
This made me smile
I can get stuck in what seems like a comfortable area but am missing out on what could be amazing if I get out of my zone. I really liked how this was read, it made me smile and was very engaging. Lovely story and start to the day thank you!
Good story
Reminding me to get out of comfort zone and asking myself do I really want to change and remembering being uncomfortable will bring much more happiness complacency isn’t good keep moving forward and keep working on myself
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