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Freedom through Forgiveness

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Emotional Intelligence
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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Forgiveness is for you more than anyone. Holding on to past grudges, you are the one who is hurt. With this meditation, you will learn to let go and forgive yourself. We waste a lot of time thinking about what happened but the truth is we cannot go back and change our past. We do not have control over others and their behavior. Bringing awareness that you deserve to let go and be free from the past so you can have a better future. I deserve to forgive myself for holding on to the past, to let go of past hurt, I deserve to be at ease. Give yourself this gift and be in control of your life.
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I realized my trauma at elementary school.
How strong was the emotion and pressure, not feeling enough during exams or the anxiety when I have to talk in front of other people. I relate it to emotions I was feeling while I was going at school. This is why I felt so attracted to the Montessori method. I started to feel sick when the teacher was mean to the children. I felt terrible when I made mistakes while learning. Relation to other situation. I started to turn all those emotions into anger against my mom that didn’t study like my dad. I told her: why papà that is such an intelligent man, decided to marry you that are so ignorant.” My mom said” your dad never said that to me” and run away. I felt so guilty. I think that’s what I do when someone says something to me that hurts: run away and do the wall. Strong feeling that I want to be a strong woman, that studies and travels and is independent. Relationships with guys with issues to demonstrate that I’m not the good one that doesn’t need attention. Sense of abandonment because all the attention was on my brother. Fear of relationships, having a child and a family. Intense feeling of love and heat in my chest when I woke up this morning.
Let It Go Free And Easy
I highly recommend this meditation! I know that I have held onto grudges and/or feelings of hurt for incidents in my life for days weeks months and years. That can’t be good. You’re only hurting yourself, as the instructor said during this meditation. So I am going to try to carry this free and easy feeling that I have just acquired through this meditation and stop being so hard on myself and also let go of the hurt, anger, bad karma, bad feelings, bad vibrations. I’m going to let go of it all. I deserve forgiveness so I should forgive myself for holding on for so long. I am free and easy…
Freedom through forgiveness
I can forgive myself and others. We hold onto too much pain from past hurts.