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Freedom from Thought

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) You can't stop thoughts from appearing, but using this practice you can become free from the impact they have.
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I learned that the more time I take in my day for mindfulness, deep breathing or just listening to an inspiring story, my mood is more at peace through the day. I need to remember to take 5-10 every couple hours and recharge, rebalance.
This meditation is serene πŸ™πŸ»
If you’re looking for a meditation to calm a busy Monday ... or any day ... try this peaceful track. The narrator’s voice and background music is quite tranquil and the meditation is soothing. Give it a try!
Impartial, neutral, uninvolved ... step back from your current drama. Realise you have the power to observe from a distance and make the choices that are best for you. Life can be calm and serene, grab those moments to examine your path and if needed make the decision to change.
Freedom from thought
I like the idea of my mind like the sky and my thoughts like clouds. To let thoughts pass through my mind like clouds in a sky. The sky does not let the clouds affect it. So must I try to strive to allow the thoughts to pass through my mind without paying them attention. Just observe without judgement. Sounds so easy but, truly is a challenge.
Freedom from thoughts
This session was helpful by reminding me of the truth that thoughts only have the power we choose to grant them. Unfortunately we very often abdicate our responsibility to exercise this choice, very often we are unaware that we even have the choice. But the option to choose how we react is always there. Smiling. Patiently waiting for us. All we have to do is slip into the gap and embrace the eternal stillness of the universal energy field, which has no beginning and no end. The rest is details. Fluff the covers, recharge the down with pockets of air which rest lightly above me. Feel the soft flannel sheets under my hands as cold, dry air fills my lungs and tingles my nose. Soon I surrender to sleep, slip into the gap and drift off into an exhausted, luxurious river of dreams...
It’s about time
Thank you for clarifying how one can deal with thoughts and be in the sky consciousness
Walter J
I am the observer, I am not the event nor am I the thought about the event. The event has no value until I give it some. So if I do decide to give it some, why not choose to give it a positive value?!? ... it is my choice. β€οΈβž•πŸ€
I am not my thoughts.
My thoughts do not have power over me unless I give into them and allow them to have that power. I need to observe the thoughts neutrally and let them pass.
Release the grip of the mind...
Clouds drift across the sky and the sky remains unmoved. Clouds are your thoughts and the sky is your mind. Stay in your sky consciousness. Thoughts are powerless without your attention. You are the constant witness, the observer, the unaffected knower. So nothing you perceive has power over you. The knower remains neutral no matter what it’s watching. Great meditation! Thank you so much 😊
Clouds Passing
I am the sky. My thoughts should be clouds passing. Give them no identity and they have no power.
Sky of Consciousness
Our mind is the clear blue sky. Thoughts will drift through our mind like clouds. We have the power whether or not to identify with these thoughts. The thoughts are powerless without our attention. We are the constant observer, we do not attach to these thoughts unless we choose to.
My thoughts don’t bring attention to themselves
I am the sky. The clouds are thoughts. The big clouds are memories I cherish. The small clouds are insignificant thoughts that can either be positive or negative. I can chose to look and focus on the big or the small. There is a time for both and a time for none. Right now I choose to be an empty, clear blue sky.
Evelyn Leo
Close to here α΄₯︎
I feel surprise for the sparks of life...! π“…Ώ The emotions complete existing in all elements that the nature bring us. I rambling for the blow of air and the touch of water when the lights reflected in my eyes.
That this can be very calming, if a bit strange at first. I did find myself laughing a bit. The sounds and focusing on my breathing were the most helpful.
Aisha j
I relaxed
οΏΌit maybe strange at first but be free and relax you body and focus on the sods this was amazing
I learned that I don't have to live in my thoughts. I am not my thoughts and I can become a bypasses watching them drift out of my life.
I am relaxed and very flow..πŸ˜‡ My thoughts πŸ’­ have disappeared. This is a very good meditation πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
I felt relaxed and noticed breathing can help me to focus.
I learned I will need more sessions in order to truly learn mindfulness.
I felt empowered to realize and learn that no thought , no β€œprojection” has power without my own.
I do not feel like a victim. I feel like I am the eternal and not at the mercy of anyone or anything else.
I felt calm
This quieted my anxiety and helps me relieve some much needed stress. I felt better and only after 3 minutes! I will keep listening to this one.
Within Meditation
I felt genuinely calm and at peace. I felt present during the meditation.