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Freedom from Anxiety

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Understanding anxiety and releasing it. Anxiety is experienced when you are thinking about future. This short practice will enable you to be in the moment with your body and breath. Don't think about it, just dive into experiencing it.
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10 reflections
I am re-learning that thoughts are tied to the physical body and proper breathing is the start.
Anxiety and worry
I learned it’s not about pushing and banishing the thoughts out of my mind forever, but it’s clearing the mind, trying not to let my body react to the anxiety.
Una de las cosas mas interesantes que me ha sucedido desde que medito es que me gusta sentir la ansiedad, no como algo nocivo o de peso sino como algo elemental que mueve y motiva a hacer las cosas. Sin duda, el liberarse de la ansiedad funciona, pero creo que me la quedaré un poco más para hacer más y mejores cosas. Sólo que al quedármela, estoy seguro que dicha ansiedad cambia de nombre y se vuelve otra cosa...
Feeling okay
I learned that it isn’t about forgetting the thought, but to let it come to me.
Releasing anxiety
Focusing on my breathing really makes the time fly. Also enjoyed the commentary about not having to empty my mind and I’m learning to be patient. Very valuable guidance.
Getting better at it...
Anxiety is something that I know well. It is because I think too much about something and worry about it. I visualize what will happen before I get there and I literally put myself through hell, then when I get there it’s not as bad as I had projected. Since I started meditating I hardly ever do this anymore or I at least recognize it as it’s happening and tell myself it’s not necessary. I’m getting better at dealing with anxiety.💙
Self-fulfilling prophesy
The more things you find to worry about, the more things will find you to worry you?
It’s a sensation that often flutters in the back of my mind. Embracing it with kindness on a physical level is certainly worth a try.
We constantly think about the outcome of any situations, not allowing us to live in the present, as we're just thinking about the future. I was once told that "we worry about life passing by so much that it just simply passes us by", and even though I havent been able to fully grasp this concept, it makes sense. We can say self reassuring words like "I am here, in the now" or "the now is what matters", but it also takes action; it takes courage to move forward without thinking about the future. When feeling like this, ground yourself, close your eyes, place your hand over your heart and just breathe as deep as you can and release. And restart.
Nitima, powerful practice! Memory found anxiety with chest tightness! Now I will be aware of future anxiety loci and resolve tension via massage and meditation! Thanks.