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Forget Remembering: Write It Down

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Why do we always think we’ll remember the little details and ideas...or furthermore why do we EXPECT ourselves to remember those little details and ideas? Today’s lesson is to write it down. No matter what your profession, your thinking style, your age, or your interests, this concept is key for effective follow through, and ease of mind.
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GTD: Great advice!
I’ve been a heavy user of Evernote for years! In fact, when we operated our gourmet cupcake bake shop out of our home, my partner and I used Evernote exclusively as our digital operating environment. I set her up with shared notes for everything we needed, including recipe ideas and shopping lists. Heck! We’d even drop each other personal notes back and forth...while I was in the hospital for so long after my stroke, I let my subscription to Evernote lapse, while the bakery business died without me. On the advice of my occupational therapist, I recently reactivated Evernote, and use it as my out of head memory bank for ideas, tasks, and more! I really can’t recommend Evernote enough! Syncing it with their website or desktop app gives a fully interactive experience across all of your devices! Be sure to check out their web clipper browser add-on too! We would capture recipes from various web sites with that!
I will!
This is one brilliant coaching session! I thank you. I am someone who has the very best of intentions and bits of scribbled notes all around the house reminding me of things I need to remember. My hope is that I will someday get them arranged and get out of this bad habit. I am going to follow your teaching and regain control. That should help me gain a greater sense of peace and increase my self respect where this issue is concerned! Thank you!!!
Another great session
Knocked it out of the park! The idea of using the notes app on my phone/computer/tablet is one I already use, but this took it a couple of steps further with great suggestions on uses I never considered. I have a list of books I want to read, grocery items to buy, random to do items, and passwords. The idea of a list of people I’ve met and things to remember about them or work ideas never occurred to me. Can’t wait to hear more on this channel. It always gives me that extra little something that I need.
Very very Practical
Pearl of wisdom! There’s a huge leakage of critical information, amazing ideas ... if not noted down. Thanks 🙏🏻
Real talk
I’ve had issues remembering people’s names too and sometimes it’s just downright embarrassing. Especially because people value their names so much. This reminder is what I needed to pick back up the habit of writing down things I need to remember.
Getting things done. I’ll definitely use this in my every day life. I usually forget things if I don’t put them done. I’m creating a habit with this one.
this can be used with EVERYTHING - learning hairdressing - passing my driving test - films or shows I want to watch - priorities for the day/week/month - things I want to cook/bake - self care ideas/ tasks - important events & dates - ANYTHING THAT COMES TO MIND 🧠
Write it down
It's not just me and imperfection and forgetfulness. Everyone needs to write it down! Good organization needs to come from lists.
ToDO app
TickTick is great app I started using. I can write down task and set recurring event so it comes up every month and so on. Now I add everything to this list and mark it done when done. I add everything on there, set reminders and when reminder comes up on note I don’t dismiss it until it’s done. Sometimes I had notification that’s been there for week so I get constant reminder that I need to do this. When it’s done I use 3D Touch on notification and mark it as done.