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Follow Your Heart Hypnosis

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Chealsea Shaheen
Spiritual Wellness
The heart offers the real answers. If you can listen to your heart, you shall never be without passion. Your heart is the ultimate guide to your success. Tune in to understand what your heart is telling you.
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4 reflections
Emotional clarity
Haven’t been able to pin point these thoughts that I continuously have about something very particular. No matter what the circumstance, time of day or while awake or asleep they are always there. This was powerful and emotional helping me found out why. Thank you 🙏
Powerful piece
Wow - this quite literally spoke to my heart. I feel a calmness I’ve not experienced in a really long time, yet at the same time a sense of readiness replacing anxiety and dread too. Thank you so much - I’ve favourited this track and also downloaded. What a gift to come up with these words. Look forward to hearing more.
The heart only sends out love and peace The heart is also very much a magnet The heart will guide you if you talk to it
The heart is amazing and sends peace. Also a magnet. Positive love energy.
Follow the Peace
When it comes to matters of the heart, we seem to brush them over either because we think our mind knows better or we flat out don’t hear when our heart speaks. You see, the heart speaks in the softest, most beautiful voice and it takes us to be still in order to hear it. In this brilliant meditation, we stop and simply give praise to our heart. Sitting comfortably, I began listening to these words of wisdom. As I listened, I felt a warmth in my heart center, as if my inner knowing was smiling. Placing my hand over my heart and repeating beautiful words of kindness to it, I felt an awakening in my heart. This amazing awakening that only knows what is right for me. This amazing awakening that only knows peace. Feeling this awakening, I will follow the peace today. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️