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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) If you’ve noticed you can’t keep your attention from wandering, here’s a very easy meditation practice to keep attention anchored!
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Walter J
I learned that Mantra means “releasing of the mind”. I interpret that to mean releasing our lower, egocentric, self-focused mind with its human limitations & pre-conditioned biased beliefs to be able to take on the, higher, perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, others-focused, all-loving & accepting, compassionate mind of God! A mantra is a great way to keep the mind busy focusing on something good & beneficial - (an intention we create for a better or desired future) - rather than letting it roam to perhaps a distraction or worry of some kind of current or future problem. I believe if we spent as much time & energy actually thinking & designing the future we WANT as we do about worrying about what we DONT Want we would all be happier and closer to our goals. And I am planning to start to use mantras to help me make this shift faster & easier. ❤️☮️🍀
Deepening my practice
I’m glad I tried this meditation, I want to start meditating sometimes without using this app so I can be free of any devices, iPhone and headphones etc. Learning mantras that I can repeat could be the solution to deepening my meditation practice. It would be nice to sit on a pillow in the middle of my living room floor and have a deeper meditation experience, while staying focused and without the app cutting out on me and not feeling the cord from my headphones touching my body. Thanks Aura 🙏
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Great way to start the am. Have been feeling extremely distracted lately. This was a great way to bring it back.
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
A very nice way to start the morning
I see that I already commented on this. How funny. This is a very nice, very short meditation to start off the morning in a positive and peaceful mindset. Highly recommend!
Helped calm my thougts
I found repeating this mantra incredibly grounding & allowed me to alleviate those intrusive racing thoughts.
I am someone who not only gets bored when focusing on the breath though alone call me, butI also overthink the size of my breath and the dead the money and he’ll depth of mine to help and how deep my inhale is. I learned that mantras can prevent you from getting bored while focusing on your breath I also found they helped me prevent myself from over analyzing how I was breathing. On another note it was quite interesting to learn the origin of the word mantra come and the Sanskrit to English translation of this particular mantra. I am grateful to have the folks to the folks at the Aura area for putting this together call math and I hope everyone is OK thank you so much for reading this or a community era community area community 
This was even better then the I breath in healthy and breath out healthier.......... Thank you for guiding me to my Inner Devine’
jess 🧡
repeating mantras while using breathing techniques really helps to focus the mind. when focusing, relaxation and calmness is able to seep in
I used a different mantra with a slightly different intention, one that I needed in the moment, and I felt really calm and peaceful after. My thoughts were called and I felt good.
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