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Flipping I Have To, To I Get To

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Perception, and thus the vibration we carry is a choice. Oftentimes we are faced with chores and tasks that we perhaps perceive that we "have" to do. This can evoke frustration, anger, resentment, and even victim consciousness. However, flipping the "I have to", to "I get to" evokes a totally different vibration, as we move from being obliged to do something to actually being privileged to do it. Many of the things that we may perceive that we have to do, millions of individuals would absolutely love to do, but for various reasons they cannot. But we do get to. Choosing to acknowledge this, is a powerful tool to call forth peace, harmony, and wholeness into our experience.
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I’m always saying I have to—- so much
That my whole life feels like endless drudgery that I have to do - and rarely do—- rarely get to— or it’s very hard and feels endless— never ending…. I get to—- now that is interesting, hopeful, grateful and full of blessing!
I get to…
I have often treated the never-ending washing of my childrens clothes as a blessing-thinking of those who have lost children and would give anything to do their washing xxxx Love this technique xxxx thank you Daniel 💕
I Get To!!
I am so blessed that I get to do all the things I get to do from house chores to work to being a mom to helping others! I could be someone that isn't able to do these things, but I am!
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