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Firefighting Experiences

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
I share my firefighting experiences taken from the first episode of my book 'Firefighting from within' with some life coaching tips at the end.
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11 reflections
U dont fight fire with fire
I really enjoyed what he said and how he told his story. Everyday is an adventure and ours to enjoy. Every day I want to seize. Also,Thank you firefighters for doing what you do, you save lives every day and that is incredible!!
It resonated with me when the firefighter explain life as a mist...
I need to learn to still my brain to focus on one thing at a time
I am blessed to be alive and take on new adventures everyday. I will try to change my thinking and make positive adaptations like this said to do.
Defined values
The basic signs of pure and lovable relationships are right in front of you
Nothing feels good
life is too short to be good for anyone else do what makes you feel great it’s okay if everyone sees you like crazy
This message was tomely because I decided to get even more serious to stop a bad habit that’s risking my life. Thank you. This sounds like a message from the universe.
Cyndee 🌊
Special thanks...
I have great admiration for everything firefighters do, for risking their lives to save others. Here in California this fire season we had some of the worst fires in history. The whole town of Paradise burned with many lives lost. I can only imagine how every firefighter must have felt but we’ll never really know because I have not had this honor and privilege to be able to save a persons life. Thank you so much for everything you do! 🙏
Firefighting Experiences
Thank you for reminding me that sometimes you just need to do and not think. Just move forward based on your training
The Firefighter experience
I learned that going through life isn’t always easy, but I must think of all the good things I have in life that I’m grateful for, and lucky to be alive to appreciate those things. By listening to this life coach audio, I will try to be more open minded and be present to observe something when in a tricky situation. I’m hoping this can help me more in the near future.
Make Positive Differences
Keeping yourself strong emotionally, physically, and spiritually is something I work hard to do. Like Dave said making positive differences can help the way you approach and react to certain situations. Loved this track. Love this Coach Dave’s philosophy. ❤️💪🏼🙏🏼
Do the next indicated thing
That’s a mantra that I use when I simply need to focus on what I need to do next rather than letting myself become overwhelmed by all of the things that need doing, or improving, or acting upon. It was similar to what the firefighter does to help in intense situations. It also helps me to know that I just need to focus on “Now” and the task in front of me. It doesn’t seem so daunting then.
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