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Finding Rest At The Shiva Temple

30 Min
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Ralf Eisend
Nature Enthusiast & Meditation Teacher
After the day on the Hooghly River, we anchor at a small ruined Shiva temple in the evening. We tie the boat to the steps that lead from the temple to the river. Believers take their ritual bath here. Shiva is the most important god in India. Shiva is the destroyer and the renewer. Shiva is the god of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma creates our universe, Vishnu receives it, and Shiva purifies and transforms it to create something new. Shiva stands for the eternal cycle of creation, maintenance, and annihilation. It stands for breaking old habits and ties. The power of Shiva is the end of the old and thus the beginning of the new.