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Find Your Stillness

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WITHIN Meditation
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(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) This will help you come down from stress and anxiety...take a few minutes to discover a tiny moment of perfect stillness, in the middle of the chaos of your life's constant movement.
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Find Your Stillness
That sweet, perfect moment of stillness and peace that can be found at the top of each breath is such a joy to witness and experience. It’s so easy to overlook with the noise of the outer and inner worlds constantly moving, but it’s always there, always available- a steady, constant companion. This meditation is a lovely reminder of that stillness and of how the breath is a perfect source of calmness and centering. Thank You! 🙏🏻✨
i learned that in late hours when you're having trouble just letting your mind unwind and trying to let go of everyday stress that it is so so very important to just take a few minutes and really analyze your thoughts and your breathing. along with that comes practice in being able to harness your thoughts and control your breathing to relax your whole body and prepare yourself for the invitation of stillness and a good nights rest.
I love the idea that the pause between inhaling and exhaling is a quiet moment of stillness available anytime and may especially be helpful during times of chaos. Thank you for this insight.🙏🏻
I was able to keep my mind from drifting towards work and teaching. My breath is so informative
A great sessiln
I learned that by blocking the air, my mind became extremely calm, not drifting anywhere
Long Day
I found out some news today at work from another co-worker that I feel disappointed about but not sure why I am really feeling that way.🤔 This meditation helped bring my focus back to the breath, quiet the mind, and bring me back to a calm place.
To still myself
It’s okay...
to pause no matter how long or short it is, when you feel like there’s too much to do. It’s okay to rest. We need it.
Hoped for more insight after a stressful day today. A good friend’s daughter attends the high a hool in Saugus CA where there was a shooter this morning. She spent the morning on lock-down on campus. We all spent the day terrified for her and their family!
Find Your Stillness
I felt like I was aware of the tension my body held, and my heartbeat.
In this chaotic world that we are living in right now a little bit of stillness helps tremendously
My Mom
I’m struggling. My mom does not love me unconditionally and that is painful. My mom manipulates me, tried to control me, she hangs up on me and gives me silent treatment to get her way. I try setting boundaries. I try telling her that she’s hurting me. I ask her to try therapy with me. She refuses to apologize, to acknowledge how she’s caused me pain. So she ignores me. She blames me. She tells me everything I’m doing wrong. She tells me how I am failing. She tells me to fix it. She tells me I am the problem. I feel crazy. I feel betrayed. I feel unheard and unseen. I feel sad and I feel out of patience. Yesterday, I finally sent my mom a closure text. I told her I have learned that I am a failure and disappointment to her. That I understand I am not what she dreamt her daughter to be. I told her I’ve learned that she does not respect me or love me without conditions. Yesterday, I told my mom that my mental health is not okay. I told her that I need to take care of myself and that she is the root of my pain. Yesterday, I told my mom that I do not want to have a conversation with her anymore because I know it will do nothing. I know that if we worked things out today, that somehow I would disappoint or upset her again in the future. That she would continue to not respect my choices and lifestyle. That once I make her unhappy again, she will purposely hurt me and ignore me and manipulate me again and again. I told her that I need a break and I need to work on myself. That I am done trying and reaching out. That I am done trying to force her to love me the way I need love. Why is it that my mom didn’t care about me or try to fix things until she knew I was breaking!? Now I am broken and she calls me over and over. I do not answer the phone. She texts me once, to tell me I’m wrong. Then again to tell me everyone has been trying to fix this except for me. I continue to feel manipulated even as she tries to work things out. I don’t respond. I go to sleep.
Yesterday was the day I said bye to my mom and didn’t respond when she called and texted. It was so painful and so hard. Today I woke up feeling a little numb. As the day went on, I began to feel productive again. Tonight, as I write this.. I am beginning to feel calmness come over me. As though this painful decision was the right one. Maybe now that I have closed a door, at least for the now, a new door is beginning to open for me. Maybe now I can focus on me and my future. My life purpose, my sacred work.
Stress Relief
It was one of those stressful days at work, but finally had time to get in here and take a breather. It really helped me to just focus on me rather than think of all the stress I had gone through today. So thank you!
Grips of the mind
My mind has been in overdrive lately and it was refreshing to hear, release the grips of the mind, there is nothing I need to think about right now. I like the box breathing technique; it made me feel a little calmer.
A nice send off to sleep. A nice ending to a long day. I'm so tired. 🥱💤
jess 🧡
long pauses
this meditation was really nice to find the stillness in life and take a breather from all the stress and anxiety that has surrounded me lately