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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healr
A Guided Journey for Self-Healing that has the intent of allowing you to personally experience the presence, compassion and wisdom of animal spirit guides. This Journey takes us down deep into the Earth, where an animal will present itself to you with the wisdom that you require to aid you in being your brightest self. You'll look directly into it's eyes, and experience first hand the ancient and grounded wisdom that the animal spirits can show us.
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Animal guide
I was presented a doe. I felt so at ease like we’d met before.
I was able to look in the living eyes of a fox. I felt loved and at ease.
I was able to not only see, but cuddle with a female mountain lion who invited me to come thru the Murrow, give her a belly rub and aid in her stretching while she purred. Then, we lay down together
I examined her large paws. She was gentle and gave me a long lick at the nose of my neck and we had a catnap. Her eyes were unnatural. All dark brown With no discernible pupils. She was so strong and elegant. When she first approached thru the most, she was panting a bit. Nervous? Or had she traveled far to come there. Maybe even ran. But after sitting opposite me and rolling over like a dog asking for a tummy rub, her face became relaxed and even smiling with anticipation. She closed her eyes and slowed me to pet her fur and feel her muscles. Stretching gleefully. When I Kaye’s next to her, she pulled me close, like I was her kitten. When we parted , I noticed the cave had filled with inviting warm water and I had a nice easy swim to the exit. Oh, one other thing, at one point when approaching the oak tree initially, I was able to levitate above the grass a few inches and turned into a low-flying hummingbird to traverse to the bar of the tree, where I examined it and it’s life form companions as a small bird then became a light being to open the door and descend the stairs. (My human form was a bit uneasy about descending the stairs, but a greenish golden light appeared and guided me. I vacillated between barefooted Human and light being and tiny bird or butterfly was not quite in a human form until I sat on the beautiful rose quartz bench which was polished so smooth and made me feel weightless. Very very enjoyable.
Spirit Animal
I spent time with a lovely young rabbit. Thank you for sharing this meditation.
Spirit Animal
I spent time with an amazing dolphin. I felt very safe and secure.
Spirit Animal
I spent time with a beautiful black bear. We cuddled on the beach and she was incredibly soft and fluffy.
I spent time with a beautiful Raven. How handsome and strong he was. He made me feel very loved and safe.
Red Fox Spirit Guide
I had a giant red fox appear. It let me know this world for me at some stage will be kill or be killed- as a fox hunts and is hunted by the farmer for its luxurious fur coat, as i have prosperity in forms that people may wish to steal from me. I must stay vigilant and never doubt my instincts.
My beautiful Gordo Kitty
My animal was my cat Gordo who died in 2017. My husband and I called him our Shaman kitty. He was very wise. I had a small operation and he came up to me after and sat on my belly and purred really deeply and made biscuits. He made me feel better and I’ve missed him so much. We had a whole conversation and I cried and he held me in his big paws. He assured me that he was okay and that he was and is in all ways still with us in every way that matters. Thank you for this journey ❤️!
I became award of a snake
This happened early on in the meditation, and it grew in size, and I realised it was probably a Python. It rested its head against mine in a soft and kind manner. Its eyes were kind, and when the time came, it didn't want to leave me, nor I it. I have always been fearful of and not drawn to snakes, but this felt different. We were meant to find each other and I am unsure yet, why.
Spirit animal
I saw an owl, he landed on my arm at one point, made me feel calm❤️
Spirit Animal
I had an owl come through. I thought at first I would get a bald eagle, but I got an owl :) my Dad used to make owl noises when he heard them and the oak tree was the old oak in our backyard of our childhood home.
I saw a bull in this meditation. I looked up the meaning of this and bulls represent steady perseverance towards a goal. I have a very big goal in life that I feel closer and closer towards realizing. It felt very reassuring to be with this animal. Thank you for sharing ♥️
Red Badger
I didn’t so much as see, but know, who I saw was a red badger. And considering that I am in the process of selling one house while looking for my next home, what I read makes sense. “When you are looking for a way to settle and put down roots, having a badger spirit animal can help you to achieve that, as long as the work side of things has been taken care of first.” And of course the typical description of loyalty, determination and extremely protective of family and close friends. 😁
Thank you that was great.
I saw a bear… it was great. I visioned everything that you said. That was the first time I ever did something like that so I really enjoyed it. please let me know the meaning of of a bear.
A beautiful session
Wonderfully guided. I easily felt and sensed all that you described. Thank you for this gift. I saw a wolf. Not a large or intimidating one but a smaller light grey coloured with mesmerising blue/purple eyes. May you have as beautiful a day as this session.