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Find Your Purpose - Hypnosis

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Chealsea Shaheen
Spiritual Wellness
Simply by listening to this track, you will gain the wisdom, you will gain the information. Unlock your subconscious mind into understanding your purpose.
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2 reflections
While soothing, this was not hypnosis. This should
Should be categorized under meditation or story telling. Did not take me deep on any way.
Walter J
A good story to understand things are just different expressions (or forms) of the same Energy. No room or need for judgement. Be wary of Distractions that keep us from our greatness that we are already capable of and should be experiencing, but may not be because the world appears to be in a state of confusion. It can be very helpful to have someone help guide us at times, to get us pointed in a beneficial direction or get us moving. And I need to listen to this one again… ❤️🙏🏼🍀