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Find Meaning Through Food

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Sometimes the main thing missing from our modern diet and lifestyle is “meaning”. When you find meaning behind the foods you eat and the way you prepare them, you naturally turn that way of eating into a lifestyle because it means something to you; it’s a core value. You don’t follow rules, or worry about what’s good or instinctively know you’re doing what’s right for you. Learn more about Marisa's health coaching philosophy at, and book your free consultation (from anywhere in the U.S.)
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11 reflections
I remember
I remember finding meaning through food when I first missed my family’s cooking. I then decided to try and recreate the foods and flavors that I grew up with. I didn’t even know how to cook at this time, in my twenties, but I was inspired to learn because I knew how good food could be! I also remember finding meaning when my grandfather started to share his plants with me, and when he taught me how to make wine. I felt so naive, having no idea how to grow a plant, or ferment grapes to make wine. But that opened up a whole new world of respect and curiosity for me. Food is part of our human big of a part is up to us.
Today versus childhood
I live in an urban area with no outdoor space to grow food and had several unsuccessful attempts to grow anything indoors (little natural light, a cat that sits on plants). That’s very different than growing up with a backyard garden. I also fondly recall my mother and grandmother preparing home-cooked meals for the family. The pasta and slow cooked homemade sauce were possible because they had the time to do it. I batch cook on Sunday to have home cooked food, but somehow tofu, brown rice, and veggies aren’t the same. The closest I come to the feeling they put into it is when I make a pot of soup. I need to put more feeling into it all. It’s not just a chore to check off the list.
My Next Step
I have been forced to change the way I eat having been recently diagnosed with celiac disease. I have also had to give up dairy, seems there’s not much left. I tried growing food indoors, which was really fun, until little black flying insects appeared in my clean kitchen. So, now when we move, hopefully early next year, my husband is going to build me a greenhouse and I will learn to grow my own organic, healthy food. I can hardly wait!
Simply explained. Perfectly put.
I really like this as a “common sense” reminder to “get back to our roots” of what food really means. A lot of us have become so removed of what it means to eat, how we eat and what we eat. When there is a fast food restaurant at every corner these days, this quick insight really helps bring the meaning of food back.
I learned that developing a good culture can provide meaning in life.
My eyes are opened
My heart touched by the blessing that food is intended to be in my life My mind opened to the truth about food and it’s meaning in my life Thankful about this simple and oh so profound lesson about FOOD!
Walter J
I have always enjoyed cooking and preparing food. I am not a big recipe guy, pretty much make it up as I go. Over the years I have changed why I eat , which has changed what I eat. Now I eat for what I believe are the more Beneficial reasons: 1) Nutritional value 2) Taste 3) Presentation It may not look good or taste good but if it’s nutritious- I will choke it down, I mean eat it. Examples: Beets & Brussels sprouts. Funny how I talk myself into how good they are for me & the taste seems to get better!? If it looks good and tastes good... But is not nutritional I either avoid it or limit it. Examples: pizza & hamburgers. Luckily there are many other healthy choice choices out there today. Ancient grains are great! But processed & fried foods, things dripping in cheese or gravy are on my avoid as much as possible list. Veggies, fruits, nuts & spices just Feel right and when feeling good about what you are eating, it naturally is better for your digestion. I also avoid ice cold drinks before or during meals, it slows down the digestion process. Hot lemon water is fantastic for the processes though. My current schedule makes it difficult to grow my own food, but I have in the past and it is rewarding on many levels. Maybe after I retire I will make the time again. ❤️🍋🍀
Joy of Cooking
I have been a pescatarian for almost 7 years now which I am a big believer in healing the body as a whole. I ❤️ to cook with fresh ingredients and love trying out new simple recipes all the time. It makes me happy to know I am providing myself and my hubby with a good meal that will nourish our bodies.
Food is good
I never thought about food as an intrinsic ability for our species. It makes me take a little more interest in how well and completely I nourish myself and my family.
I’ve learnt more about the importance of the role that food is in our life. It’s something we do without thinking but can add value to our existence
Why I work in food
I learned that food to me is love and healing for others. It’s what I share/give to show I care/ love you. However I must learn to love myself by eating healthy food and cooking in healthier ways.