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Final Cab Ride

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This is a story about a British cabbie... Photo by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty from Pexels
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7 reflections
Sad story!?
Another sad story to “go to sleep by”!? No thanks!!! Another sad story to “go to sleep by”!? No thanks!!!
The final cab ride
Take every moment that you are given,not for granted. You could play a major role in someone's " last ride"
Heartwarming story
Though this story had a rather sad element, it provided a great lesson. Appreciate the small things, don’t miss them while waiting for the great things. ❤️
Final cab ride
This was a lovely story made better by Dea’s reading. One of the things this made me think of is that we all impact the lives of others and it’s best to act kindly. Wish I always remembered that when I’m stressed! Another reason to love Aura - more reminders like this are bound to have a positive effect.
This story was reflective as I were the driver himself to take in.
Today I brought great heaviness into that cab, yet would have shifted into a role of servitude, taking in what was happening. It’s difficult for me to dissolve this emotional weight that originated from a personal traumatic event on Saturday and culminated on Sunday. This story in the middle of my current state of shock and PTSD has only placed solemnity towards this frail woman’s closing chapter in her life and can be the cab driver, still. Reflective. Insightful. I can only say I will continue processing the emotional trauma experienced this weekend and stay here in these quiet spaces of stories to find my light again.
I can't stop wondering about the box of photographs and such that was left on the table at the home... On another note, we all need to appreciate any great moment as it occurs
Final cab ride
It’s so good to hear that story, it’s touches our deep emotion towards the old people. We can seldom see goodness in this earth nowadays. i hope that theres more cab drivers out there just like the British cabbie in the story