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Feeling the Face

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
When we are out in the world, the face can be quite active. It is our interface, and we can spend time and energy preparing it for this function--grooming it, decorating it, trying to improve it. Many of us expend a lot of energy wishing it were different--younger, smoother, smaller, softer, more hairy, less hairy. The list is endless! What would it be like to put all this aside, and spend some time just being with the face, as it is? Just feeling it? Resting with it. And allowing it to rest as well.
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My expressions are evidence, displaying my thoughts and emotions. I never realized how expressive I am and how my face muscles need rest.
Feeling the Face
I am more often aware of how my face looks than how it feels. The imagery of a gentle warm mist was soothing🙏
I had no idea my face feels so over used and tired. I clearly don’t think about how my face feels, ever.
Awareness of Face
This meditation starts out with visualizing a warm mist on your face. The warm mist gave me a feeling of warmth as well as I could feel my face soften. Then you place your awareness on how each part of your face feels and acknowledge that feeling. This meditation is like a massage for your face.
Feeling the Face
Awareness of every detail of my face led to a consciousness of my whole being. It cut through the skin and allowed me to commune with myself.
Over a month.. I have been able to mediate for over a month. I am sleeping better and I am less anxious.
This week I have gotten off task but today I made the change to begin again. This was a good one for my face and becoming aware and just being in the moment again.
Feeling the Face
In today’s lesson I learned the importance of taking a moment to meditate and relax the body especially after a long day. It is important to take time for yourself
feeling the Face
Little time amounts to big results. it is soothing and I am not so distracted this time. I have become more gentle with my attempts or rather just being is so comforting.
Feeling the face
The warm mist of awareness felt gentle and accepting as it rested on my face. I learned that I carry a lot of tension in my jaw hinges. Even after I relaxed my jaw more and moved through different areas of my face, my awareness kept returning to my jaw. After the meditation, I massaged my jaw hinges, which brought me more relief and allowed the calmness of this meditation to flood through my body. I am grateful for this gift. Thank you.
So good, I was able to leave my facial awareness and look at it from afar, just great.
The face
I learned how nice and relaxing it can feel to focus on only the muscles in your face . I found but not only my face but my whole body relax that I was doing this. I really don’t take the time to observe sensations in my face very much. And probably should, because it feels good. I also was not aware about how much tension I was holding in my face until I did this meditation it felt really nice to relieve all of that. Finally I realized good I have a tendency to screw up my face while breathing and focusing on my breath hopefully that’s emphasis on feeling that sensation of my face should alleviate this problem if I continue to practice it. I am grateful for the folks at Aurel for putting this together. I hope everyone is OK. And thank you for taking the time to read this post.