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Feeling Good About Ourselves

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
We'll explore how to feel good about ourselves by regularly taking a 'sunshine moment'. This allows the body to relax, the mind to settle, and supports us to feel confident, strong, and beautiful.
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Jose Cruz
20 Jun 22
Sunshine letters
This is possibly one of the most heart warming acts of kindness I have heard of. Thankyou for this beautiful message not just for others but for ourselves. 🙏✨🌷
Sunshine Letters
I feel our world needs so much more kindness aka sunshine but I also have discovered so do I.
Feeling good
Sunshine letters would be great to give to the homeless, various places that help struggling people. People with addictions, mental illness, serious medical conditions. People that are grieving a loss.
Feeling Good
I’m becoming more and more aware of being in the doldrums and the next day feeling great and over and over again. I’m exhausted or I’m full of energy. I’m eating healthy or I’m bingeing. For today I’m going to sit outdoors and watch the clouds pass overhead, read a bit and enjoy a sunshine moment.
Feels Good
I loved so much about this session. I just felt radiant energy from the speaker. Sunshine energy if you will. Her words really resonated with me & I will most definitely be incorporating Sunshine Letters into my daily life.
Dear Friend,
I’m writing a sunshine moment. I’m going to wrap up in a soft blanket and get warmed! Bye
Sunshine letters
Love you. Love, Me. Self love is the source, and the highest form of love we can offer others.
Greg Williams
Sunshine letters
I like the idea that you have to fill your kindness Cup before others.. I def put other peoples kindness Cup ahead of mine. I’ll talk negatively or destructive thoughts.. but be really nice to other people. I need to fill my cup first.. watch what I’m saying to myself.. acknowledge and diffuse those thoughts.. and fill my cup with sunshine or positive thoughts and reminders of things I’ve done recently or in the past.
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