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Fear Release

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Stephanie K
Holistic Therapist & Meditation Coach
It's very easy to hold onto fear, we as humans tend to store emotions and energies such as fear in our bodies and it can take its toll on our daily lives. If you are ready to let it go it doesn't take long to release, it's just a matter of finding it, acknowledging it, and giving it permission to be released. This short meditation will help you do this quickly and easily once you are ready to release it. You can do this as many times as you feel the need as you may find that you have some fear-based energies in a few areas of the body and energy field. A longer more in-depth meditation on fear will follow if you feel you need more. For now, enjoy this quick clearing. Namaste
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Work on that
I needed to work on visualization, and Consentration. Letting my fear and anxiety go so I'm a healther me.
Today I didn’t feel fear so much as my stomach is upset. This meditation I hope will help calm it down.