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This meditation allows individuals to fast forward to a future state of mindfulness, promoting relaxation and mental clarity.
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11 reflections
Great grounding experience
In my depression, sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees and realize it won't last forever. This wonderful meditation helped me to see that. Thank you, Aura.
taking a step back while looking forward.
i haven't been able to understand why i am feeling off lately, until this morning. i haven't meditated in a while. so i did a yoga flow and then sat down and meditated. and that has helped me step back and see what the problem is, but while looking forward to the future to see how this stress will actually turn out. sometimes i get so zoomed in on one aspect of my life, that if i zoom out it can calm me down because i realized there is more happening around you then the small thing i was focusing on
Stress is temporary
The stress I feel today will not likely affect my future self. It if fleeting and I can get through it
Everything is temporary
This meditation reminded me that whatever stress or sadness I have now, this is just temporary. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed about our current situation that we forget that this too shall pass.
Time Will Heal. Time Will Heal. Time Will Heal. Time Will Heal. Time Will Heal.
Time keeps on slipping
Into the future. The odd thing is I usually look at my wreckage of the past resenting my present. It joke is I'm not looking at what I am doing right now to make my future self improve. I am thrilled about what's ahead of me and the adversity I am facing. It is my choice to suffer and now I am making my choice to truly break my bonds of the past to make my future and my children's future spectacular. Maybe some day, I can give he gift of fire that has motivated me to improve upon myself to another. If you have read this. Thank you and bless you.
Only for a moment
Stress is only for a moment in time and won't last as long as I don't let it. The things that I stress about now won't be here tomorrow, a year from now or five years from now. So that means I need to let it go and just do me, live in the here and now...not worry because everything WILL be okay. It will be great. I'm grateful for this moment and everything and everyone in my life.
I learned that everything will pass. What I am struggling with now will soon be simple
Temporary stress
I began recently falling so far behind on some online course work, and after completing this meditation I now know that my stress is only temporary and that later on, once I am finished all of my course work, all of that stress will be gone. Thank you for this!
The long view
I learned that emotions like everything else get smaller with distance.
Worry is Wasting Energy
I learned that the things that bother me are actually insignificant in the big scheme of things.
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