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Farmer's Donkey - Story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Donkey's situation teaches us lessons about life, and what to do with the challenges we face.
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Walter J
Thanks Nitima for the great reminder of the power of this story! I have heard this before years ago but had apparently forgotten the wise & encouraging morals of “Shake it off, step up & never give up!” It certainly is well timed for the all the dirt that has been shoveled onto me lately since I allowed myself to fall into my current well! Someday I hope to not be so stubborn as the donkey and pay closer attention to where I am going to avoid the well altogether! ❤️🐴🍀
Farmer's Donkey
Don't let life cover you up... Shake it off and step up. You may get a bit of dirt on you but you don't have to let it destroy you
I could have sworn That I had listened to this story previously, but I don't see a reflection here! Hey! Donkey! https://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM
see the good
kindness is always the key. building people up will get both you and them further in life. harness the goodness in your heart, and shake off the bad. this story really relates to me, because recently i find sometimes it’s easier to express the mean, bad things you could say to someone, rather than shaking it off. i‘m now starting to realize that i’ve been seeing things the way they i want to see them, so i need to learn to look at everything around me in a different light. i need to soak in the good from it, instead of picking out the bad here and there. because there could always be bad or good in everything, it’s your choice what you choose to see. see the good.
Anton Taylor
Farmers Donkey
Life is full of obstacles the key is how you respond to them to better your circumstances.
It's easy to forget how lucky we all are to be alive. We allow the negative things in life to overshadow all the positives all too often. I'm thankful for this stories reminder to "Shake it off"
Farmer's Donkey
Life is what you make of it! Don't let troubles bury you. Shake them off and step up. It is all how you react
Prayer Answered
My husband died a year ago, but, even before that time, we were preyed upon for being weak, because we were/ I am considered disabled. Like my Mom though, I was always able to see the good hearted from the bad. I realized that my new caregiver and her girlfriend robbed me of some medicine just minutes before listening to this story, and I was reminded of what Mom would do. Thank you for helping me to remember.
How you respond
Sometimes we focus SO much on the dirt being shoveled onto us. It takes away our true power. WE CANT STOP THE DIRT. ONLY WHAT WE DO WITH IT! Shake it off and step up and get out of the hole!!!❤️❤️❤️
Shit happens
It not about the bad thing that happens to you it’s about how you respond to what’s happened and how you choose to take a step forward and move on.
I’m crying
Resilience is important but a hard shell can crack… Sometimes that happens
Get up
I feel very inspired. Thinking about the importance of how you move past a hardship or how you will respond is something I never really thought about. I’m excited to hold this story close and use it to remind myself to durst the dirt off my back and keep fighting.
I felt sad when the farmer gave up on getting the donkey out. The farmer was only doing what he thought was the only thing to be done. but in the end, the farmers actions of not believing in the donkey being able to get out are what saved the donkey after all. people’s actions toward us may not be with our best interests at heart, but those actions can be the things we need to dig ourselves out and to help us step above and out of the hole we are in.
Stepping stones
All adversity you face = a stepping stone; how you handle it is what matters!
Donkey in the well!
The depression is overwhelming and I can’t take that step! Everyday I wake up intending to get something/anything done…an hour later I’m back in bed! I just can’t make it up the “Well”!
Be a Donkey
I guess this is appropriate to say when life happens be like the donkey. You may be in pain in the moment, but you can use the pain to learn something about yourself, grow and make that next step up
I’ve been the donkey. I’ve lived the process. I’ve shaken off the dirt and come out shinier.
Overcome adversities
Inspirational story to start my day! It's not what happens, it's how we respond. We can overcome any adversity life throws at us. It's how we respond to it that is key. That is a difficult one to master. Hearing that from you, and knowing it helped you over and over is motivating! Thank you, Priya, for selflessly sharing your beautiful self with all of us here. I hope you're out there somewhere doing something for YOU today!! 🙏🔆🌹