The Inner Critic
We have all heard the voice, the one that ‘should’s’ us and others into action or non action. The voice that always finds something ‘wrong’ in our lives. The voice of our inner critic. On my journey of self-awareness, I have had many run ins with this voice as I’m sure you all have too. I’ve learned to question it for its validity. However, after listening to this coaching session, I may begin to lean in just a tad when I hear that inner critic to see what it is fussing about. The inner critic doesn’t give a voice to things we don’t hold value in. For instance, if we don’t value cleanliness, it will not bring up thoughts, such as, “get to cleaning.” It only speaks to what we hold value in. So, the next time I hear my inner critic begin to speak, I will look more closely at what it is speaking to. Asking myself questions such as, “is this something I hold value in? If so, is my heart in it? Am I giving it my all?” will help me to evaluate the situation. In this way, I will be able to taste the sweet nectar that this inner critic has to offer. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️