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Expanding Heart & Feeling Gratitude

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
Gratitude is an emotion. It can be experienced and felt in our body. Experiencing gratitude enhances positive thoughts and feeling in our life and see things in positive perspective.
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9 reflections
bringing to memory happy feelings
it was surprisingly easy to recall happy feelings. maybe I should implement the technique in my every day life.
Expand my heart
I feel that expanding my heart and gratitude will help someone one day I guess when the time is right I’ll know it .
Feeling Gratitude
Feeling gratitude is a wonderful way to enhance feelings of joy and appreciation in our heart chakra as well as the feeling of peace in our body. In this meditation, Nitima has us think of a few things that we are grateful for. I became present with myself by focusing on my breathing. Because it is a blistering cold day today, the first thing that came to my mind in which I was truly grateful for was the comfort of my bed, feeling the soft covers wrap my body in warmth. As I imagined myself laying down in my bed, a sense of joy and appreciation began to flow through my body. Placing my hand on my heart, I felt these wonderful feelings of joy and appreciation expand throughout my body with every heartbeat. I am left feeling light, refreshed and grateful for this day to live! Thank you, Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
The now
Take a breath, feel your heart, let go of any thoughts of worry. You are in the now, and whatever happened, happened; and whatever that might happen, might or might not. You are the one who can change your own circumstances. Expand your heart and feel everything in your body; don’t let your emotions rule you, instead, try and be logical in your next move -that’s how you can change your circumstances. Be aware of this and you will achieve a clear mind, heart & soul.
The now
It felt thankful for the Kong’s I have and the people that love and care about me
I learned that o can reproduce the feeling of gratitude by reflecting on a happy memory.
Happy Memory
I felt grateful for all that I have. It made me think of the day I became a mom and how amazing it made me feel.
I feel I am becoming ready to begin my destiny
I have learned that finding the time to pause & breathe helps to calm any moment of tension