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Every Person Has a Story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
It's a beautiful story about stepping back from our reactive judgements.
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Realize 🙏🏻
Realize that we have no idea where another person may be coming from or what has been encountered and overcome during his/her lifetime. We are not on this planet, at this time, to judge others or to hold them to our “standards”. We are here to extend love, understanding and peace. Period.
Walk a Mile 👟
In this brief tale, I was reminded that we don’t know the stories or experiences of others. We are reminded in so many faith/belief traditions not to judge another. The phrase, “Walk a mile in another’s shoes” encourages empathy rather than judgement. Choosing our words carefully is also important.
Every person has a story
You never know what someone is going thru so don’t judge. Always keep an open mind when dealing with others. If everyone would do this maybe we will not be so judgmental.
Books have various covers
Like the story, everone has different stories behind their behaviours. Don’t judge people by what you see. Our eyes don’t see whats behind those behaviours. So be kind and treat people how you’d like to be treated.
It reminded me of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” So true... loved listening to it.
we all write a story called life
I decided to listen to this story as I was getting ready for bed, but boy, I had NO idea how much of an impact it would have on me! you never know what’s happening in someone’s life. there’s absolutely no way to know the wonders and mysteries lingering in the pages of their story. so this is just a reminder to think before you speak! (i’m especially guilty of not thinking before i talk but everyone has to improve if they try hard enough!) be mindful of others 🦋🦋 and don’t judge the way they fly.
Heather Joie
I love this. And I live this. Every day. My youngest son has a rare disease and every day is a challenge. Teaching him how to survive in a judgemental world isn’t as easy as you think. But reminding him how to respond with compassion is how we have learned to cope. Sometimes we get busy, stressed, angry or even depressed and we lose our filter. But recognizing that each and every individual, even those you live with - have their own story. Their own pain. Their own trials. Their own happiness. And we MUST be vigilant in kindness. I too forget. And this is such an inspiration to favorite and set as a reminder that my heart must always remain open so that I can be continue to be compassionate and inspiring to others.
Every person has a story
What a beautiful story... this reminds me to take the time to talk to people. You will be surprised by what you learn
It was short but it had a really good message. The countless times I’ve judged people on the street for their differences when in reality I shouldn’t.
Every Person Has A Story
We need to be willing to listen and learn everyone's story before we decide what their story is for ourselves. That story will probably be very different than what we assume
This very short story emphasizes values and beliefs that aren’t always nurtured right now—emotional intelligence, compassion, and empathy.
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