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Escape To The Highlands Gamma Brainwaves

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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Book Coaching
Escape to the Highlands with Gamma Brainwaves. This binaural beat composition intends to promote a deep healing sleep through brainwave entrainment to the gamma waves. Allowing your mind to relax to the beautiful Scottish Highlands music, gamma waves are associated with a higher quality of life, greater awareness, deeper compassion, and better cognition of deep sleep. A musical rendition of songs from the album Ethereal, song Highlander, by Ted Winslow of SOUNDSYNCTECH™ Please do not drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to this brainwave entrainment music. ©2022 Christina Winslow. All rights reserved. Music by Ted Winslow ©2019 Big Country Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.