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Enlightenment in Action

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
We think to be enlightenment is to be out of this world but many masters makes it simple. It really means to be in this world. Take care
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Hmmmm ...🤔
“I eat when I eat and I sleep when I sleep.” Nitima makes being in the present moment sound so easy in this brief story. I will continue to practice becoming more mindful of those simple, every day events. 🙏🦋🌸
This reminds me of something else
I simply can not recall what! I hate moments like this now! SO MANY things just no longer ”click” in my brain since my stroke! 😥😭🥵
Being 👌
This short story teaches us to be fully present in the present moment. If I am going to eat when I eat, this indicates that I should see, enjoy, fully savor, and taste every morsel of food before me. If I am going to sleep when I sleep, this meditation indicates that perhaps I should enjoy not only the act of sleeping, but also the preparation beforehand, along with dreaming, and the additional pleasure and joy of fully awakening to a new day. There is a lot tucked into this short story.
Walter J
Enjoying ...
I enjoyed this Zen version of this wisdom very much. I remember 1st learning about the importance of eating while you are eating from a wonderful movie called “The Peaceful Warrior”! Nick Nolte teaches his soon to be student the art of eating. It impressed me so much I really did start to enjoy ... shopping for, preparing & especially eating my food. I still focus on eating while enjoying it today. I also remember King Solomon saying in the Bible, Ecclesiastics I believe “Eat, Drink & be Merry, when it is time to do these things!” So maybe we really are to unplug, unwind, & unphone in order to be more mindfull of what we are doing, while we are doing it!? ❤️🙏🍀
Enlightenment in Action
Be present.... Don't let worry or to-do lists or ego get in the way. Don't we distracted. Be where you are, when you are
Every day enlightenment
Through the story I learned the secret to practicing enlightenment in every day life it’s being 100% present in whatever you’re doing in the current moment. With this in mind, it is easy to see how mindfulness is more than just meditation. The moral of the story but every day activities can be used as opportunities for mindfulness and then a please stay safelike mint if we give them 100% even think I have a tendency to have taken for granted in the past like giving and sleeping using the story I will attend to be with another sympathies with more presents. I am grateful for the people Who work for aura for filling us together for putting this together . I am so Appreciative of the aura community for reading this message I hope that everyone is OK, happy, and well. please stay safe.
So many this in this short meditation. I always love to listen to these. Today I take, be fully present in whatever you do