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Enhance Concentration & Focus - 10 Mins

10 Min
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Soul-Work Hypnotist
In this overstimulated world of over-productivity and constant multitasking, allow for the brain to hone in on one thing: peace. Enhance your concentration and focus by pulling back your energy, and putting it towards whatever YOU choose, remembering that you control where your attention rests, and for how long. Recommended to listen every day for a month to build a new habit. If you enjoyed this track, you may also like "Refresh, Renew, Refocus - 6 Min Routine." Wishing you a great day!
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Very helpful and calming
I realize that I can pause for 10 minutes when my ADHD brain is overwhelmed and do this focusing on the present moment and picturing where I’d like to be. Also - simple but I too often forget that I control my mind; so choose what to focus on, and it shall be so. Thank you! 🙏 I will play this track often in the future.
I can focus for 10 minutes, leaving me energised and ready to pur some new practices into my daily life
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