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Energy Cleanse

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This guided visualization is designed to help you release the build up of energy and stress in your body. This could be the most effortless cleanse you have ever had and it could prepare you to receive just what you need.
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11 reflections
I don’t know about attracting everything I want (the day is young?) but the energy cleanse is powerful and clarifying! I feel renewed.
Walter J
Cleansing... Attracting... Energizing...
Dea does it again!! What a powerfully visual-physical experience she guides us through on this Cleansing of Negative energy by grounding ourselves! She not only helped me get rid of the negativity that was holding me back & distracting me, but got me vibrating on the right frequency to start Attracting what I want. Then she had me working with the unlimited Energies flowing through my Chakras in such a Rhythmic way as to completely Energize my whole “Being Bubble”. Exactly what I needed after a short night of actual sleep!! I feel my body buzzing with & full of Positive Expectant Energy! May this be my best day ever is my wish and May you discover this same Energy that is available to you too!! Thanks Dea & Aura tribe for being there! 💚🧞‍♂️🍀
I read about another community member’s positive experience with this meditation. An energy cleanse sounded terrific. I love the shower cleansing meditation. For some reason I struggle anytime a meditation asks me to visualize balls of light or balls of energy. I try - but it’s almost impossible. I have tried several times. I never have the experience that others reflect about. It’s easy for me to visualize almost anything related to water or nature. The rhythmic sound of waves, a stream bubbling along its merry way, the sound of birdsong, a forest path painted with splotches of sunlight. I can imagine and feel myself there in an instant. I wonder what makes our experiences so different? Are we able more easily to visualize that which we love? What keeps us (me) from visualizing something? Why is it such a struggle to visualize energy balls or balls of light?
Over time, we all have foreign energy built up in our bodies. In this meditation, Dea does a wonderful visualization to cleanse your body of that foreign energy. Imagine a golden ball that is attached to the base of your spine. At the same time, that golden ball is connected to a grounding cord to the center of the Earth. Activate this ball and feel the energy from the Earth flowing through your feet chakra up your calves, into your thighs and into your hips. What amazing tingling sensations I experienced! Imagine an energy bubble above your head. The energy bubble that surrounds your aura begins to get bigger and bigger. This new energy begins to flow through all of your chakras while simultaneously, using your breath to let go of any foreign energy that has built up in your body. Wow, what an energy cleanse! I have allowed myself to let go of any foreign energy. I have taken the time to make my soul happy. My body feels grounded, relaxed and renewed. Thank you Dea! Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️
I felt amazing.
I learned to really focus on my energy and cleanse it for the begging of a new month. I feel energized and almost
Just what I needed
I have been neglecting my practice lately and was feeling very sluggish. This meditation really helped to relax and energize at the same time. I intend to be more faithful to my practice in the future.
Energy Cleanse
This session was like a going under a waterfall, cleansing me of all that do not serve my higher self, be it of a physical or spiritual nature. It is cleansing, invigorating and empowering.
I felt connected to the higher energy of the earth and cosmos with magnificent visuals of stardust coming inside my spine. Powerful meditation!
Learning to find my energy paths and releases will go back to this again
I learnt that other people’s hurting is not always for me to deal with.
I’ve been carrying around the feeling of needing to fix everyone and feeling responsible for others happiness. I felt a lot of that lift off me during this session.