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Emotions in Your Body

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Emotions are not only mental factor but we feel emotions very much in our physical body. Our body is always communicating with us. Learn to listen and be with it.
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Walter J
What a fantastic follow up to being aware of our emotions!!! Just like it was planned. Once we become aware of an emotion or feeling we need to just experience it for the duration of it, approx 90 seconds. Do not fight it, do not ignore it or even try to change it. Just endure it and see if you can learn from it. By getting thru it & not making it worse, you will build confidence in handling future (possibly bigger & badder) situations that will come. We all have feelings and emotions, we just need to relax, breathe & live thru them. I tend to get tangled in the negative ones and trust me... it always gets worse trying to fight them. No more!! Now I will just “Be” thru them!! Thanks again Aura for keeping me on track!!
I felt like I was able to really focus on my breaths through the session, which is normally very hard for me to do. This helped me to feel calmer and gave my head a sense of relief for a brief time.
At Peace with the Earth
I learned to relax and take a chance and breathe before getting all anxious inside.
how i felt
i really calmed down and brought the big picture to my mind. situations were i was angry, calm or happy really helpef mr
I felt
Today was bad day for me i felt unappreciated, not worth, feel like im getting played over and over again and im letting it happen. Idk what to do with my self. Stress on top of the other i feel i dont have a break. I feel angry, disappointed and emotional.
I felt
Today I learned how to calm down my emotion, really relax my body and my mind. For now I am not overthinking everything, I just feel clear minded
Gentle Guidance
Nitima gently guides the listener through this meditation. By the meditation’s end, I was completely relaxed, filled with a sense of peace and wellbeing. This is definitely a meditation that I will download to revisit. Thank you for another great meditation, Nitima! 🙏♥️🌺 Note: The 7 minutes meditation is actually 12 minutes if you have time constraints.
Cold morning
As I followed the guidance to explore the body I noted, not for the first time today, that I'm cold. It's a VERY cool late spring morning today, and my hands and feet are freezing! Busy day today...lots to deal with! Better be getting on with it.
Day one
I feel overwhelmed and consumed with one too many emotions that I cannot quote process. I’m hoping this new meditation lifestyle, good vibes only, positive thinking (only) helps with life’s troubles, headaches and self awareness/worth. Time will only tell. I’m ready to embrace this new journey in life and if I lose a person or two, or three, etc during this process, I’m okay with that. It’s time to focus on me and getting myself right mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
My emotions can often get the best of me and since I’ve come down with the flu I struggle with anxiety symptoms vs illness symptoms and then my emotions get the better of me. This helped me relax so much to the point that I cannot recall the end of the meditation. This will definitely be one to revisit.
I learned that out emotions can take over our minds and the way we act. Emotions are just something you have take a deep breath with and let them go.
Megan I hate you
That’s how I feel Practicing letting go of the annoyance you cause
The power of emotions
Emotions are powerful, so strong that they can get out of hand. I do say that emotions are strong it can control you or it can help you through tough times, when you feel overwhelmed or helpless you seek to emotions to control what you say or do to feel better. I’ve been through some things but probably not as bad as other people, my father walked out on my family when I was only 12 years old but before he left it did feel like I had extra weight on my shoulders from all the things that he caused and the damage that he put on my family, my mother was very strong at the time because she was going through a lost in the family and she was dealing with my father, my mother’s mother died and it was devastating for her because she had many happy and emotional memories with her but then at the end we helped one another to move on with happiness and no regrets because caring for others in those times can really make a big effect on how someone would feel and that proves how strong emotions are when you go through things like that or to see loved ones go by to soon.😢 May you all survived those tragic moments of your lives and to still see light in the darkest times of day.🙏
Emotions are powerful, we must remember it's okay to feel what we're feeling: sad, angry, upset, happy, frustrated, ecstatic, etc. But we also must remember emotions are temporary and are constantly changing. We must not let our emotions control us or dictate our actions. We have to be more powerful!
My emotions get the best of me sometimes.
I need to remember to take my time and relax. I need to remember that I am loved no matter how upset I get when anxiety takes over.
Janai Santiago
My emotions
I learned that I can get into lots emotions all in one shot. And I need to be in control of my emotions that it will not be the best of me. That no one can bully me around it. And use me of it.
March 27.2020
This meditation piece was absolutely amazing and exactly what i needed . I’m learning more about myself and my internal capabilities during this quarantine. It’s amazing what the mind does when it’s forced to focus on itself , without the distractions of the outside world. Love.peace.happiness. Namaste 🙏🏾🧘🏾‍♀️
How i felt
I was fully in the moment and i noticed i was free from from anxiety that moment
Hari Tejaswini
I've totally been mindful for those 3 minutes. The relaxing music in the background and the posture of my back helped me a lot. I've had many thoughts during the meditation and as she said, they've reflected my body.
Being Fully Aware of my body
That even though I'm going thru something emotional that the body also endures physical ailments as well
It made me emotional , but felt good to acknowledge them and noticing what the thoughts did physical
That I can control these physical emotions if I breath and acknowledge them.
I learned that....
I'm in a lot of pain. 🤪😤🤯 Back and shoulders ache. Hard to breathe
This is an effective meditation for those struggling with intense emotions. Priya teaches us, instead of fighting unwanted emotions, to accept them. We release unwanted emotions naturally by noticing them and breathing acceptance into them.
It’s so important to find those places in the body associated with emotions. When we find them, relaxing them through meditation can help stop them from escalating and getting worse.
Notice the sounds ... the music becomes more melodious Notice the smells ... the scents become sweeter Notice the sights ... the view gets better Notice yourself .... your thoughts feelings emotions.... you become a deeper you
Stevie lee
I felt inspired
I can improve myself through calm and peaceful meditation. I enjoy this app though I wish premium features such as stories for sleeping were more affordable according to my budget.
I felt different
I learned too be my open minded and not let the way i feel get in the way of something great in life which made me feel... different.
I find it hard to engage in meditation. My mind won’t shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I felt my anger in my chest. I never knew that’s where it was.
I felt sad of things I've ruined lately but happy he's still in my life
I learned I'm lucky to still have him in my life and that we are still friends and don't take nothing for granite
Maybe meditation could help. I don’t want to feel this way. It’s cold, hard, steel grey, stabbing.
I need this...
This is a really important practice for me to experience every day.
Puppet strings
I’m controlled in all areas of my life. My wants, feelings and desires are in the back seat. Everyone else’s is in the drivers seat. I am allowing everyone to tell me what direction they want to go. I realize that I’m not driving. I’m a passenger. If I want to go to the destinations I choose, I need to get in the drivers seat. I cannot be happy, if I’m not choosing.
I felt like I was taking a step back and looking from the outside in at the image of my anger
Visualisierung von unangenehmen Situationen
Daniel ist mir eingefallen und einige Situationen die für mich Gesprächsbedarf haben
I can let go of my anger. I particularly connected to the color of my emotion. Black, brown and the texture was like sticky mud.
I’m tired of these feelings
Tired of feeling the same pain over and over again. But I am hopeful that I can let go and heal.
I with through a hard break up
Just neeeded to let go and stop holding on I was emotionally everywhere
Like Rocks on my Shoulders
Nothing learned. Just felt how heavy it all feels and I need to learn to get rid of it.
I always feel wound up. I think this will definitely help. Thank you!
Sadness feels
Sadness feels tight around my chest. I never noticed it before as a direct correlation.
I don’t think I’m able to meditate
I learned that again I cannot meditate. I try so hard to follow and my mind still continues to race that I can’t keep focused on that present feeling or didn’t know really how I was feeling. Kind of blah and depressed from being trapped in a house 24/7 and no social life because I’m married and my spouse is constantly working the whole day from morning to night 12 hrs. Im glad but I really never ever see him hardly anymore and it feels we grow apart everyday. I am in school to solve this myself. I love but I can’t wait on someone to respect me and spend time with me. Like now he is home but where is he? Down at that Tiny house watching boring energy stealing television and we used to do projects etc together. Now 10 years married it’s nothing. We argue or like each other. One or the other or in between even. That’s all I can think of. I love my spouse and would do anything as I have but he doesn’t think deeply like me and relies on peoples words to tell him what to do and believe. He’s just logical and 15 years older than me. Not that age is an issue but it’s starting to be. I want to enjoy some of my life before I’m a senior as he enjoyed his but now he doesn’t want to move off the couch and I just feel like I’m missing my life and at the same time I’m trapped. I can’t up and leave. I moved a decade ago to another state with him and the only friends I had at one time were his family that ended up just everyday parents obsessed with mundane things like everyone else. So they think I’m too different because I don’t like to watch football constantly and drink. So I have zero friends. He works i school so I can’t do anything until I graduate. I’m just trying to figure out how I can solve this and taking does no good I’ve done it until I’m blue. He won’t be an adult and allow us to move into our own home and sold our house we did own together and moved us into his 72 year old griping bitter man who is doom and gloom constantly negative and talks about death because he had been the coroner for over 30 plus years. I am left to take care of everything myself, including the man who I’ve already help recover from a massive stroke 5 years ago. He loved my spouse and was jealous of me and hated me and still does I’m not stupid but acts ok just so I’ll stay and tend to every need plus animals. Cleaning, cooking, kids, doing 2 grown adult men’s laundry, and they just sling their dirty dishes inthe sink and leave them without soaking or anything and wait on me to wash and will say something if I don’t. It’s been awful. It was good until we moved here and now he wants to wait on his friend to pass because he is the one getting the house but this man lies and is probably feeding him be like he did my spouses daughter as he told her he had all of her college tuition saved up and then when it came college time, no money. She no longer will have anything to do with him for lying to her for years all through her growing life as a matter of fact.He feeds hope to trap
I learned it’s shape and color and character and learned to simply accept it as it actually is now Thanks
Lower back pain
I’ve been experiencing lower back pain lately and I’m trying to figure out where that’s coming from. I enjoyed this meditation very much
On Monday, December 27, 2021, I feel neutral.
I learned that my emotions feel like there are a lot of emotions in my mind. It feels very overwhelming and not calming. I feel good about starting up with Aura.
Body emotions
Be familiar with them. Tone them down. Make them calm. I need to be relaxed in those settings.
I learned that neck heat and throbbing headache are signs of conflict, anger.
Super annoying that I am getting coached on journaling, too short write more, must add title and name. Makes me not want to record. Resisting. Emotions in the body by N Priyana
Every day my heart is heavy I’m always sad it hurts my whole body I have no one and know where to turn no one to trust I feel sad and alone
For as long as I can remember I’ve felt empty. I’ve tried to fill that void with everything and anything except true self love and self acceptance.
Sad and scared /muscles pains moving in my body and color is brown or it's just what I imagined it
Body can feel your emotions and express it in a physical way
Pain = emotion
The deep discomfort in my gut is more malleable than I think it is, if I give it the time and space to speak it’s piece.
I feel overwhelmed about the mold situation in my house. I get a lot of intrusive thoughts, like wondering if I will ever be able to get away from it or fully get it out of here. I feel this mostly in my chest and throat. I feel a gigantic weight on my chest and body when I think about it.
Emotions and my body
This insight helped me see that our bodies are affected by our thoughts and emotions. Yesterday was a difficult day and evening for me. Dealing with a few people that don't have a mindset that we do. So, this morning I wake up with a belly ache. Which isn't normal for me. I'm hurting in my shoulder. Old injury. My body knows and is showing me that I'm not balanced. I'm not centered. I'm off my game. Just not aligned with the universe or with myself. Your session eased my mind some and gave me clarity. I have to do some work today on it.
Stressful day. I noticed intrusive thoughts throughout the day and a feeling of loss of control. Anxiety began and hr increased shoulders and jaw clenched. Increased tapping of leg. Resulting in anger
By focusing on breathing I was able to talk to myself and pinpoint pain on my body. When intrusive thoughts began I refocused on breathing. Slowly tension in jaw and shoulders eased.