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Emotions in Your Body

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Emotions are not only mental factor but we feel emotions very much in our physical body. Our body is always communicating with us. Learn to listen and be with it.
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11 reflections
Walter J
What a fantastic follow up to being aware of our emotions!!! Just like it was planned. Once we become aware of an emotion or feeling we need to just experience it for the duration of it, approx 90 seconds. Do not fight it, do not ignore it or even try to change it. Just endure it and see if you can learn from it. By getting thru it & not making it worse, you will build confidence in handling future (possibly bigger & badder) situations that will come. We all have feelings and emotions, we just need to relax, breathe & live thru them. I tend to get tangled in the negative ones and trust me... it always gets worse trying to fight them. No more!! Now I will just “Be” thru them!! Thanks again Aura for keeping me on track!!
I felt like I was able to really focus on my breaths through the session, which is normally very hard for me to do. This helped me to feel calmer and gave my head a sense of relief for a brief time.
At Peace with the Earth
I learned to relax and take a chance and breathe before getting all anxious inside.
how i felt
i really calmed down and brought the big picture to my mind. situations were i was angry, calm or happy really helpef mr
I felt
Today was bad day for me i felt unappreciated, not worth, feel like im getting played over and over again and im letting it happen. Idk what to do with my self. Stress on top of the other i feel i dont have a break. I feel angry, disappointed and emotional.
I felt
Today I learned how to calm down my emotion, really relax my body and my mind. For now I am not overthinking everything, I just feel clear minded
Gentle Guidance
Nitima gently guides the listener through this meditation. By the meditation’s end, I was completely relaxed, filled with a sense of peace and wellbeing. This is definitely a meditation that I will download to revisit. Thank you for another great meditation, Nitima! 🙏♥️🌺 Note: The 7 minutes meditation is actually 12 minutes if you have time constraints.
Cold morning
As I followed the guidance to explore the body I noted, not for the first time today, that I'm cold. It's a VERY cool late spring morning today, and my hands and feet are freezing! Busy day today...lots to deal with! Better be getting on with it.
Day one
I feel overwhelmed and consumed with one too many emotions that I cannot quote process. I’m hoping this new meditation lifestyle, good vibes only, positive thinking (only) helps with life’s troubles, headaches and self awareness/worth. Time will only tell. I’m ready to embrace this new journey in life and if I lose a person or two, or three, etc during this process, I’m okay with that. It’s time to focus on me and getting myself right mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
My emotions can often get the best of me and since I’ve come down with the flu I struggle with anxiety symptoms vs illness symptoms and then my emotions get the better of me. This helped me relax so much to the point that I cannot recall the end of the meditation. This will definitely be one to revisit.
I learned that out emotions can take over our minds and the way we act. Emotions are just something you have take a deep breath with and let them go.
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