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Embrace And Allow That Which Is

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Daniel Roquéo
Transformational Coach; Mind, Body, Life
Learning to embrace and allow all that is to be as it is, is a powerful spiritual practice to allow for peace, joy, harmony, and wholeness to well up from within us. Embracing and allowing simply means to release and let go of resistance. It is not about condoning or accepting bad behavior or hurtful or harmful deeds. But it simply means to refrain from falling prey to the ego's tendency to give voice to what should and should not be. I invite you to join me as we explore this concept of embracing and allowing that which is to be as it is, regardless of what it is.
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What is, is.
This helped me work through some difficult feelings by calming me. I realized what is can just be.
Embrace and Allow
I’ve been working on this practice for perhaps two decades and feel so at peace when it floats along and feels effortless. My ego of course comes through at times and that usually leads to quiet periods of working on solitary projects and meditation. Thank you, Daniel, for sharing your always thoughtful and gentle message.
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