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Drop In

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Experiment with the skill of releasing the mind into the body and resting it there. Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash
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Dropping In
As I dealt with a headache while being guided through this meditation, I could feel myself trying to allow my body to absorb the headache. Challenging but helpful 🙏
Dropping My Awareness Inward
Imagined my conscious mind as smoke filling and sensing my physical body, rooting it there, breathing in focus and breathing out distraction in order to reconnect.
Worth trying again...
I liked this one even though there is a distracting noise. I used the river sound and turned it all the way up. It was a little hard to stay with it but I continued to try to drop my mind into my body and remained very still as I was guided through this medication. I’m looking forward to trying this meditation again without the noisy distraction.
Drop In
Today I was reminded that my body is always there for me. When my brain feels lost, like it is wandering aimlessly, I always have my body to go back to; to feel grounded.
drop in
the body knows more than the mind it cannot be fooled listen to it attentively pay close attention to it’s warning signs be very careful what you put into it if you treat the body with the utmost respect and make a commitment to keep it in excellent condition you will experience an enlightened state of existence which provides the fertile soil which is essential for moments of beautiful clarity and a joyful peace of mind
Drop In
This exercise was very good, it was transcendent and effective.
Drop in
It was a good lesson. Knowing that I need to connect often with myself through the day.
The body
I need to connect with myself more. Whenever I need a moment I can connect with my body, my mind, my breath...
Dropping In
Sometimes we can get so entangled in thoughts that we can actually forget that we have a body. In being too caught up in thoughts, we may miss the signals and signs our body gives us to let us know that it needs attention. In this meditation, Deanna has us drop into our body for a time giving us some space from the endless thoughts that can consume our mind. Getting comfortable, releasing any tension in my face, jaw and shoulders, I dropped my mind into my body and settled my awareness on feeling this body from the inside out. Inside, I felt my heartbeat pumping blood to all of my organs via arteries and veins. Outside, I felt the pressure of my butt sitting on this chair and my feet on the ground. I experienced how it felt to feel skin on skin by feeling my hands on my thighs. Dropping in and feeling embodiment, I have taken a break from my thoughts and have gained a sense of aliveness. Taking some time to drop in and feel embodiment is vital to our overall well-being. It not only gives us some time away from our thoughts, which gives us clarity and a new perspective on things, it also gives us some time to appreciate our body and all that it does to keep us alive. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Mind into body
Deanna, sorcerer! Mind pebble into water body! Magically complements Jaisa experience physical body meditations! Thanks.
Mind drop
I love the mind drop practice and will incorporate it into my daily life.
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