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Dr. Rena Malik: Improving Sexual & Urological Health in Males and Females

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Andrew Huberman, Ph.D.
In this episode, my guest is Dr. Rena Malik, M.D., a board-certified urologist and pelvic surgeon, male and female pelvic medicine expert, and public health educator. We discuss the major causes of and treatments for sexual ad urologic dysfunction, including how to restore, maintain and enhance pelvic floor function and proper neural and vascular (blood) supply to the genitals. We also discuss what controls and can enhance desire and arousal, how to assess and treat erectile dysfunction, and challenges with vaginal lubrication and/or orgasm. We also discuss vaginal and penile health, including preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and which common prescription drugs can cause sexual dysfunction in males and females. This episode covers a range of topics: oral contraception, masturbation, pornography, prostate health, and male and female hormone health. Note: This episode covers topics related to sexual and reproductive health. Some content might not be suitable for all audiences and ages. For the full show notes, including articles, books, and other resources, visit Take our survey and get 2 months of Huberman Lab Premium for free Thank you to our sponsors AG1: ROKA: Helix Sleep: InsideTracker: Supplements from Momentous Timestamps (00:00:00) Rena Malik (00:04:04) Sponsors: ROKA & Helix Sleep; HLP Survey (00:07:45) Pelvic Floor: Urination & Sexual Function (00:14:13) What is a Healthy Pelvic Floor? (00:19:44) Kegels, Benefits & Risks, Urinary Incontinence (00:24:08) Pelvic Floor Relaxation; Exercise & Pelvic Floor (00:28:03) Desire vs. Arousal, Erections: Psychology, Hormones, Blood Flow & Nerves (00:36:10) Sponsor: AG1 (00:37:07) Pelvic Floor: Medical Professionals & Physical Therapy (00:40:15) Sexual Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction, Orgasm Difficulty (00:43:13) Desire & Arousal Issues; Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra, Cialis (Tadalafil) (00:52:20) L-Citrulline, Supplements (00:54:09) Erectile Dysfunction & Cialis; Prostate Health; Females (00:58:58) Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men (01:01:37) Pornography, Masturbation & Ejaculation; Healthy Sexual Behavior (01:07:16) Sponsor: InsideTracker (01:08:22) Arousal Habituation, Masturbation, Addiction (01:12:57) Female Arousal Response, Orgasm, Coolidge Effect (01:17:22) Priapism, Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone; Women & Low Libido Medications (01:22:25) Libido & Individuality (01:26:18) Female Arousal, Vaginal Lubrication; Discharge, Odors & Douching (01:33:09) Vaginal Infections, Discharge; Vaginal Microbiome (01:35:45) Female Orgasm, Vaginal Penetration, Stimulation, Clitoris, G-Spot (01:42:31) Erection & Orgasm, Pelvic Floor Muscles (01:46:32) Dopamine-Enhancing Medication & Arousal Arc (01:51:18) Menstrual Cycle & Libido (01:52:49) Vaginal Penetration, Variation & Communication (01:55:24) Sexual Interaction Communication, Sex Therapists (01:58:45) Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Male & Females; Prevention, Vaginal Estrogen (02:04:04) Male Urination Sitting; Spermicide, Cranberry, D-Mannose & UTIs (02:11:33) Testosterone, Post-Menopausal Women & Libido (02:14:56) Kidney Stones: Prevention & Treatment (02:19:14) Oral Contraception, Libido, Individuality, Intrauterine Device (IUDs) (02:26:52) Anti-Depressants, SSRIs & Low Libido (02:29:32) Prostate Health, Cialis, Urination Difficulty (02:34:22) Bicycling, Genital Numbness, Erectile Dysfunction (02:37:48) Anal Sex, Females, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Lubricants (02:44:14) Libido, Behavioral Interventions, Supplements (02:49:15) Supplements for Libido (02:52:14) Zero-Cost Support, YouTube Feedback, Spotify & Apple Reviews, Sponsors, Momentous, Social Media, Neural Network Newsletter Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac Disclaimer