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Does Mind Control Work? Not really!

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
We try to control our mind, how well does it work for you. Here's a short story to illustrate it. Make sure you enjoy going out for a coffee with your friend next time.
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Bad Reputation?
Nitima’s story made me realize how often I have tried to control my mind with “shoulds”. No wonder my mind raced off in a zillion different directions at once - my controlling “shoulds” had given me a bad reputation. Thankfully, consistent meditation has helped, but I admit that I haven’t completely cleared my sullied reputation. Listen to Nitima’s story to see if you have a bad reputation, too.
I learn that my mind does wonder off. Especially at the wrong times such as when I’m in class and try to learn the material being covered. However, my mind does come back and I’m able to understand more and more.
Absolutely...your mind can be controlled! Think MK-ULTRA. Meditation, as good as it is, is only the first of many steps.
Does Mind Control Work
I loved this story! It is exactly how I retreat myself... I must do this and this and that and then I wonder why I have stress. So mind I will be here. Do your thing and take me places.
it was okay
I really liked the message but I put cant sleep and the story didnt hel me at all I'm still awake so...
mind control
I found this uncomfortable, which probably means it's right on!
Stressful yet effective
This story was stressful, sparked guilt, lies and made me very uncomfortable. Yet, I understand the story, sometime you should feel those things and just do what you and your mind want to do. Don’t feel those negative emotions, go with the flow and do things that make you happy and avoid stressful situations. It’s nothing personal.
Mind Control
Our minds are constantly going, just like a hamster running on a wheel. Our thoughts are just the same. During this story, I was reminded of another story, Good Wolf, Bad Wolf. It is those thoughts that we feed that will get the most attention. I learned that I can not control my mind. Thoughts will come and go. But, I have the power to choose which thoughts get more attention than others.
Loving Kindness
It is important to treat your mind with a loving kindness during meditation. Some meditations your mind may wander all over the place and that is okay.
Does mind control
Haha I never thought of an analogy like that for wanting to control my mind. It sounds silly but very true. We all run the opposite direction from certain people, our mind probably run the other way with our own commentary mind. Beautifully explained.
Does Mind Control Really Work
No.... Stop trying to control your mind. Be kind and it will realize that you are a good boss.
I learned that I’m stressed and doing jobs i don’t want to do and my brain eventually just wipes the time and stops recording. I cant remember the last five minutes because I don’t want to. My mind is overwhelmed and still I expect myself to handle it all. I need to find a happy medium so we can work together.
Does mind control work
“Be kind to your mind” will be my new mantra. It makes so much sense. I really enjoyed listening and will do so again and again. Thank you
Be kind to my mind?
Yes! 😄 I can't help but giggle. I've been a yucky boss. It truly makes sense now thanks to you. That's what I am doing at times. Absurd? No. I'm trying to control my mind! In a rather bossy fashion. Oh my. I look so forward to soaking in so much more of your knowledge. I'm very glad you are on my journey with me. I'm smiling from ear to ear! Okay, not to sound bossy, but I need to put myself to bed! Sweet dreams.....