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Do You Want to Unlearn Something Like a Bad Habit?

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
When we are stuck with a behaviour we don’t benefit from. Like eating too much cake. Or drinking too much wine!  Or whatever habit you do well at.  We need to  Unlearn!
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Not bad!
I did really like the ideas behind this one. Would love to read more about the science of phantom limb, and wonder how applicable it actually is to things like addictive behavior. Would have liked even more in the vein of comparing the story to the type of thoughts/thought patterns you can use to unlearn bad habits.
This one has made me consciously think of the tremors caused by unconscious thoughts of stress and anxiety.
Mind and Body are One
We often dismiss the power of our minds. One thought can lead to greatness or destruction. I choose greatness....
The mind is powerful
I need to discover what my unhelpful thoughts are in order to get rid of them. What tool can I use?
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