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Daniel Roquéo
Transformational Coach; Mind, Body, Life
When we are moving toward a vision or a goal, we want to always seek to maintain our momentum. What that means is that we want to do something every single day that moves us closer to our vision, goal, or intention. And whenever we do what we are doing, we want to do it with the feeling tone that the good that we desire has already been given to us, that it is done. That lets the sacred laws know that we truly mean business that they may design the manifestation with ease and grace.
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No matter how I feel, I MUST do SOMETHING with intention EVERY day to move me toward my goals and make me happy. I MUST maintain a grateful heart.
Honoring myself and being proud of my intentions is something that I feel I’ve never done before I’m grateful to finally be on my journey to accepting my authentic self instead of criticizing
I feel grateful for this meditation /coaching
Thank you. Your words of encouragement give me hope. The music speaks to my soul. I can see where I need to add more intention and focus. 🙏🌸
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