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Dissociation and Safety

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
» Dissociation happens when your mind is so overwhelmed that it “checks out” » Dissociation may occur when you are in physical pain, the the current situation is too overwhelming to cope with or you are reminded of a prior trauma » Dissociation is different from daydreaming or “highway hypnosis”
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My husband
He’s very narcissistic but started off dissociative. He numbed and blanked out for 5 years from pain and trauma from complications after surgery. He eventually changed to a narcissist is kinda my theory.
When I'm on a video call with my boyfriend, he frequently complains that I always dissociate during the call. I realize that behavior develops at a young age. I thought it was just daydreaming, but as I grew older, I noticed that it wasn't daydreaming because when I try to study something, I also constantly zone out and I am unable to focus. I read from other literature that it is usually related to or tends to happen to people who have trauma or PTSD. Now it starts making sense to me because I was diagnosed with PTSD.
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