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Discover Your True Nature: Self-Inquiry

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Seda Ünlüçay
Meditation Teacher, Astrologer & Author
While moving from ego identification to consciousness is a gift of grace, we can make ourselves grace prone by practicing the ancient art of self-inquiry. One day, through a book, a prayer, or an insight, a brave question is posed: Who am I? Who is this me when I’m not thinking myself into existence? And when we don’t immediately go to the mind for an answer, a space opens up. We may be shocked to discover that there is an awareness here that can witness our thoughts, emotions, and body. This initial step, what some call becoming conscious or aware, is really a foretaste of an ever-deepening realization. In this meditation, we will explore the nature of what we call the self and connect with the truth of what we are, beyond name and form.