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Detox from Negative News

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
We’re all extra stressed these days. Life can be overwhelming at times, and sometimes it gets the best of us. When we think of cutting out some of the stress in our lives, we usually think of ideas that seem impossible like quitting our jobs or winning the lottery. But what if a nagging stressor was something you COULD eliminate, or reduce in your life. The example I will use today is detoxing from the News. Learn more about Marisa's health coaching philosophy at marisamoon.com, and book your free consultation (from anywhere in the U.S.)
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Body and Mind Detox from Negative News
Awesome and timely track! Practical and wise thoughts shared that we should all follow. I learned to empty the old thoughts, emotions, and words in my body and mind, so that my heart can show me the new story; only then can you came to live!
News detox - mini version
A news detox is a great idea for me. I think I’d struggle doing three to five days at a time, though perhaps it’s just a habit. I want to do more mini news detox days...one day or a weekend...more often and limit the amount of times I read news on my phone other days. I really enjoy this channel and hope to see more great ideas here. They just seem to resonate with me and provide inspiration for more peaceful days.
News detox 😳 take a break!
I enjoyed this session and I totally agree that everyone should detox from the news. A percentage of it isn’t even accurate or true and it’s a waste of time to worry until I’m sure. Worrying will not solve any of the negative and violence issues happening in the world, taking action by voting is the only thing that can make a difference. So, if there’s something I can do about a problem in my local community to prevent something and it makes me feel better and safe then I do it. Otherwise, it’s not necessary or natural to be hearing news or getting it online through my daily internet feeds, it makes sense to avoid it and just experience life. It helps me stay calm and when I’m calm I make better decisions and sleep better.
News detox
Why not give advice on how to deal with bad news rather than hiding from it
Day 36
The news should be called the bad news. Luckily we only have Netflix and Hulu but I can understand how this can apply to other people. We all have stress in our own lives like Marisa said and to flood ourselves with anxiety that is out of our control will only cause you to suffer more. Happy Saturday
Had to learn this for my wife
My wife used to follow the news pretty closely. She watched the news pretty much all day. It stressed her out something awful. I'd come home from work only to bear the brunt of her unloading upon me with all the issues she was upset about. Thankfully, she got the message from me, and cut her news intake almost 100%! Now, I just have to deal with her getting her news from online sources, where she argues online with strangers instead! Those poor idiots!
Yes, it's vital to detox yourself from anything that is affecting the productivity of your life. Negativity and stress is manageable. We can manage how much we allow in our lives by prioritizing and protecting our values. It's important to take breaks from things too. Remember self care is NOT selfish!
Self-care not selfishness
I learnt that it’s okay not to check the news everyday. Previously, I have been made to feel guilty about not keeping up with the news everyday but it really negatively impacts me. This session made me realise that it’s okay and in fact good to detox from the news when it does badly effect you. It’s self-care not selfishness as I have been previously led to believe!