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Defeat Your Fear in 9 Ways

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Everton Bedward
Professional Life Coach
Our greatest fears and doubts usually hinder our success.
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I’d rather hear a woman’s voice telling me positive things
Oh well it is what it is but I’d rather hear a woman talking than a man.
“Be excited if you’re afraid”
I know being excited if you’re afraid is not always possible, certainly not if it’s due to illness, family problems etc. I have anxiety so I am never excited by my fears. But there are some times that fear means you’re moving to the next chapter of your life. Change can be scary, and change can also be good. The company I work for is closing and I’ve been so scared, but it’s also been exciting exploring the next step. I did actually acknowledge all of my fears and worse case scenarios, but then I also let myself believe and dream of the best case scenarios. A lot of the stuff in here was stuff many of us already know, like live a healthy lifestyle etc. But this was also a good reminder and pick me up if you’re in a mindset for it. (I don’t think this would help me when my anxiety is at an 8, but it was helpful at like a 2 or 3.
They can drive me to be successful as long as I don’t let them overcome me.
Fear, I loathe
I do feel his tips were good. Being optimistic is hard for me although the worst rarely occurs. Im scared that it will and I won’t be prepared for it so i guess being pessimistic is a way of preparing myself in case it happens which is absolutely ridiculous. I need to slow down and live in the moment and stop overwhelming myself.
I feel very relex
I learned that if you ever encounter an obstacle stay positive
Day 3
I felt even more stressed with all the things in my life right now after this session as opposed to the sense of relaxation and mind freeing I get when meditating. Today’s life coach just made everything go fifty times faster in my head.
In the middle
The tips given were very useful and inspiring, however i feel that it is easier said than done. These steps take a long time to observe and create,changing in personal behaviors that does not coincide with the stress I am facing in the present moment.
Freeing from habitual frearing
I learned that I am not actually thinking of the worst things that could realistically happen instead I have just thought about the “best “ outcome I could imagine and then fallen into the old pattern of excitement and then the anxiety that follows when I start to doubt myself and begin thinking that I am good enough for those things. I see how Intentionally thinking through the worst possible outcome is beneficial... just like the doubts I have with my abilities. After thinking through the worst; I will have doubts in my failures ;) <3 Thank you “start the journey” I feel that I have benefited from and applied your inspiring tips the most out of all of the 3min little talks I have listened to with this app. Thank you again 🕉💜☮️💙💟 Namaste
I learned that facing my fear will give me peace in one way or another. my fear of heights is something else.
Defeat Your Fear
The way to conquer my fears is to embrace them. They are not the enemy. They will become the enemy when I see them as such. If I acknowledge them as those that are present in me for a purpose for me to learn and grow, then they will no longer be a hindrance to my success. It’s an alchemy of turning iron into gold!
This is helpful
I found this after having a bout of anxiety last night. This was the perfect thing for me to listen to right now.