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Deeply Relax Me: Waves Of Bliss

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Jamen Moss: Life Illumined
Sound Healer, Teacher & Guide
Relax fast with this winding-down guided meditation and sound bath. This sound healing contains binaural beats to quickly sync the brainwaves into a meditative state. Ambient guitar and ocean sound soothe you through a simple and short countdown. May you live life illumined.
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2 reflections
Pure Relaxation
Listening to his soothing voice along with my breath being in tune to the background music, I feel my mind and body begin to relax. As he counts down from 10-1, any tension and busyness from the day has been released. This was an amazing short session to reach a state of deep relaxation. I look forward to listening to the longer version when I have more time.
Pure experience
The tone of voice, the measured words guided me on a voyage of total relaxation & peace. Most excellent!👍👍