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Deep Sleep Brainwave Entrainment

60 Min
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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Book Coaching
Deep Sleep with 432 Hz Delta Brain Waves & Binaural Beats. The longer 60 Minute Version: the first 25 minutes is hypnosis with sleep ending and the remaining 35 minutes is sound healing music ending. By listening to this quantum hypnosis created with healing Soundsynctech brainwave frequencies & binaural beats, you will find it becomes easier to sleep with continued use. Hypnosis takes you deeper than sleep meditation. The delta waves are slow, low-frequency brainwaves which induce deep sleep, combined with binaural beats which can reduce anxiety and pain in the body. Do not use this hypnosis recording while driving. ©2021 Christina Winslow. All rights reserved. Music by Ted Winslow ©2019 Big Country Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.