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Dealing with Uncertainty - PPF Model

3 Min
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Paul Corke
Leadership Innovator, Author & Speaker
This track explores a technique that helps you deal with uncertainty in your life or at work through the PPF Model.
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This short track is inspiring and useful. It explains two processes that I believe can be extremely helpful. Track saved and I will try to do the exercise. Thank you.
PPF model
This process involves sorting out your past so you don’t ever worry about it, it’s in the past, it’s done, it’s squared away, deal with your past and leave it there, focus on the present, what can you control, I have heard before, we all get caught up on things out of our control, focus on what you have the ability to control, plan for the future, what do you want for the future, plan it and work for it, a great session and one I will be saving to review again