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Dealing with Road Rage

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Please do not listen to this meditation while driving. This meditation will help you to be calm and settled whilst driving. Coming away from reactivity to responding mode and creating a safer environment. Road rage can lead to accidents effecting both parties, so it's not really worth the trouble. For example, you're driving, listening to music, taking it easy and just then a car roars past you, sways and cuts you off. If you are not mindful, you can become completely mindless and reactive - feeling hot, sweaty or even going after the car and ruining rest of our day. This is reactive mode. It's not a good state to be specially if you're heading for a meeting, interview or presentation. Or perhaps you are the one to cut off other people, because you were running late for something important. Both can lead to unnecessary tensions and even accidents. Being mindful on the road can help you stay safe and healthy.
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Tranquilidad repetina
A lo largo del día, experimenté una gran volatilidad en mis niveles de energía. Mientras conversaba con gente que aprecio y admiro, mi energía aumentaba y me enganchaba al momento. En momentos de aislamiento momentáneo, me desgastaba a un nivel muy inferior a mi constante. Por breves momentos experimente una grata tranquilidad y paz a pesar de estar rodeado del caos. Experimenté la esperanza. Pero aún así no puedo evitar tener ligeros flashes de lo que fue y ya no será. Lo acepto, lo digiero, lo sufro, lo lloro, lo recuerdo y lo aprecio, pero no me es suficiente. La tranquilidad regresa una vez que dichos lapsos pasan. Eso sí, he de reconocer, que ya son mucho menos.
A difference
This didn’t apply much to me but the words they used for the incident applied to me in a different way, it was telling me to let go of the past and focus on myself and the future.
It’s really hard to put a side all of my anger but it’s not impossible I know
I feel really alone and upset because I wish I could just be a normal kid again.
I related to this on such a heavy level. I have such uncontrollable road rage, and I hate myself for losing my temper so vastly and for so long. This realisation that it has no effect on the day is nothing new to me, but still something I needed to hear. It helped massively and I will try to bare in kind the wise words next time I'm on the brink of losing myself to anger and frustration
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