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Dare To Move Slowly

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Soul-Work Hypnotist
In a world that values moving fast and staying busy, I challenge you to move slowly. This poem is about the importance of moving as slow as you possibly can - slow enough to see Life itself. Perfect for winding down for bed, or remembering to savor the moment, as each is a passing one.
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Julian Aurelius
Voice sounds odd
I understand that the poem is about slowing down, which is why it is read in such a slow manner; however, to me she just sounds weird and defeats the object of purpose of the poem. I think she is better suited to items such as meditation and more esoteric practices, not poetry. Failed to inspire
Moved not moving
Why should I race to race the race itself. Joyless boasting misery. To dare to not move and be irrecoverably moved. And yes the voice of wisdom is slow but that is the pace of standing seeing the trees.